Friday, October 6, 2006

My Boring Mooncake Festival

6.30 Left office
6.35 Reach home, fed the dog, fed the fish
7.00 Made mega sandwiches, fed the man
7.15 Turned on television, ooh, Pokemon, wow, how exciting (yawn...)
7.30 Still lying on the couch, ooooh Inuyasha cartoon, wow, how exciting (yawn..)
8.00 zzzzzzz
8.15 Oops, gotta go help friend feed dog
8.30 Driving
9.00 Fed the dog (again), play with cute dog
9.30 Hmm, stop by Jaya Jusco shopping complex
9.45 At Jaya Jusco, hmm, the brand of dog food not available,oops 15 minutes left to closing, hmm, treat myself to a Secret Recipe Chocolate Banana Cake
10.00 Called an old friend (yakkety yakkety yakk)
10.30 Home again home again chirpy cheep cheep
10.40 Ooo, anime downloading finished, yay, an hour of anime fun, whoopee (yawn...)
11.40 Boring.........


poohbearee said...

dropping by to say hello and gd nite to bored jonzz;)
sounds quite an accomplished Fri nite wat.
better to stay indoors....ooohhhh....the haze is suffocating me.

Annie said...

Well, alls I gotta say is SOMEBODY NEEDS A MAJOR FACIAL.. *pointing at jonzz* - you're looking a bit jaundice dude. I know how to make your life exciting! Go back to school, become an astronaut and go to the moon baby!

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bit yee all Others on your side. It's 9:35am here Friday and a rainy day it is.

Jonzz said...

poohbearee: all in a day's work.

annie: i think the moon is the most boring place on earth... oops, in space.