Thursday, March 5, 2009

500th Post: First Day in Cat City

I'm sitting at the counter of this little backpacker hostel, typing this entry in the amber glow of lights contained in bubus (a type of bamboo fishing device) which casts an interesting shadow.

Finally I'm in Kuching. After one year of trying to coax my travel kakis to go to East Malaysia but failing miserably (Quote: Malaysia is boring-lah!), now I'm finally in the Land of the Hornbills, woot!

Now how do I fill up the next few days. I've practically covered a portion of Kuching today... on foot!

Ouch... complains my blistered feet!


Las montañas said...

Malaysia where got boring?!!

eve said...

Amboi... Carik food to makan, then take pics and blog lorr....apa tunggu ?.. hehe.. enjoy yourself ya !

EastCoastLife said...


How come never jio me? I want to go but have no kakis too!

Ok, I read your posts on your travel and get info from them. Must look for fun places ah.

[SK] said...

wow!! 500th post already!! keep on going!! kanbateh ne~~ :p

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

I know how this bubu light looks like. Used to have one before.

Jonzz said...

LM: Yalor, Malaysia is interesting!

eve: Ke ke ke

ECL: You sure u want to join me. OK, next time will call you!

SK: Thank you thank you

MDS: LOL, donno how to shorten your title. Those bubu lights are cool. But I don't think they'll suit my house. You need a certain ambience to use them.