Friday, April 1, 2005

Man's Best Friend

Like everyone else, I used to think dogs are man's best friend.

Whatever you say to them, they will listen ever so attentively with their adoring eyes. And they are always interested in every thing you do. Most dogs practically worship the ground you walk on and lick your feet (especially short dogs. Tall dogs kiss you.)

Hmm... some people even wish their partners would be like dogs... faithful, obedient, adoring, attentive.... At this point, imagine your boyfriend and girlfriend always looking at you adoringly... Now imagine their tongues hanging out and licking you.... Ha ha ha

OK OK, enough this is not a dog bashing blog... I love dogs. They make great companions but they can never be a substitute for a best friend. Both have their place in different ways.

So what's my point? Nothing, just another boring day to blog.

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