Sunday, April 3, 2005

Computer Games

Saturday has got to be the most boring day of the week... if you don't have any plans of course, except to rot at home. So I spent it like the average techie these days... I played computer games.

Computer games are really crazy these days the way they rapidly approach reality. I was exploring this game where you play this crazy soldier or genetic cyborg who can morph into various mythical beasts like werewolf and minotaur in a huge non-linear world. Wow, imagine the know-how needed to write such a game... science, biology, characterization... bla bla bla.... yes, I'm impressed.

Hmm... as I'm writing this, my silly dog has been disturbed by a cat during his dinner. Silly dog, always visiting cats... now cat gives him unwelcome visits. Well, that's life for you.

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