Thursday, March 9, 2006


Most of my close friends probably think I place an overrated importance on friendship and I guess they're right. I'm not exactly the most socially mature person and those few people whom I 'click' with I try to keep(albeit sometimes to the point of near-obsession)

Why do I behave this way? Hmm, many reasons I guess. I used to have this highly rated opinion that a person can live alone. If a person cannot bear to live with himself or accept himself, how can he expect others to do likewise. However, God has not made man to be alone and somehow man desires companionship either in one form or another. Some invest in pets, some invest in their jobs, some invest in ... well ... more unnatural relationships. Anyway, I guess loneliness is something all of us have to deal with.

What is the worse enemy of friendships? Ha ha, having had first-hand experience with it, I'd say, 'exclusive' dating and marriage. Many people I know 'dump' their friends for an exclusive dating relationship only to regret it later when a break-up occurs, because the people they need to turn to are the very ones they abandoned. The saddest sharing I've heard is about people who in their old age, when their children or spouses are no longer around, look back and regret about those close friends and best friends they have 'sacrificed' for their families.

So in closing, here's a 'wise-guy' remark, 'Happy is the man who can keep both his friends and his girlfriend'.

Having said that, I would like to show my appreciation all my friends; past and present, who have in one way or another become part of my life. I will not list names as that would be insulting and I believe that all friends are a blessing from God. Thank you and God bless you!

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