Thursday, June 8, 2006

The Handphone Story (An analogy with girlfriends)

I am currently crazy about changing my handphones. So I shall blog it in the form of a short story, if you will. Hey, if you want to read this, you will just have to bear with my craziness:

As usual, I was having my nightly 'yamchar' sessions with my pals, A and Jay when the subject came up:
Me: Guys, I feel my Nokia is drifting away.
A and Jay: Hai ya, we warned you years ago. She's out of fashion.
Me: But she has everything I need. But lately, I feel we're just not communicating. And there are these moments of silence when I feel she's not even there...
A: Aiyo, time to change lar.
Jay: Yalor, let me introduce to you Sony K. She's fast, trendy and wait till I show you her pictures!
Me: But she sounds a bit... expensive. I don't think I can afford her.
A and Jay: Alamak, working already still so kiasu...

LOL, I have to stop here. This is too much for me, ha ha ha.

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