Tuesday, June 20, 2006


This is my dog (Sounds like some school essay, heh). Anyway, he's so cute, I decided to give him more blog space. Strangely enough, there was once when I didn't know he was mine. Heck, I'm confusing you, right. Actually, a friend of my mum gave it to us. In later years, I found out, she actually gave it to me. Her exact words to my mum was, 'Your son likes dogs, right? My dog just gave birth to two puppies'.

Likes dogs? Hmm, in my book, 'likes' equals 'enjoys playing with' and definitely not, 'taking care of'. Anyway, I named him Scooby. It kind of fitted, a little stupid, a little too smart, and all rascal and cuteness. His brother is the total opposite of him, white with black polka dots. Oh, his lineage? He is a Spitz + Shih-Tzu = Spit-Tzu??? LOL, whatever makes you happy, man... Ugh, Shih Tzu's, those flat-faced, salivating, attention seeking machines.... thank God, he inherited none of those traits.

This guy is smart, multilingual, lol, you can ask him to go up the cage in many ways... I never did train him much though, well, told you I didn't know he was my dog then. Ownership equals responsibility. But when he was younger, he did impress me once. Bear in mind, that I did not train him in anything other than 'Sit' and 'Up'. Well, 'Up' means go up to your cage; in case your mind starts getting confused.

Anyway, I remember this one morning, when I was all ready to go for work. As was the usual practice, I left my pair of shoes with the socks inside, at the verandah. When I came back, there was only one sock left. Looking around, I see a naughty puppy tiptoeing away, sock in mouth (yes, on four feet, if you can visualize it):

'SCOOBY!!!!' ... Pause, Puppy stops....
'DROP IT!!!!' ... Puppy looks around, drops sock on ground
Instinctively, Puppy activates 'I'm so cute' expression
'BRING BACK HERE!!!' ... Puppy tiptoes back to 0wner, drops back sock in exact shoe.
Owner too stunned to act... lol, but to pat Puppy

Yes, dogs can be a joy and a burden. But they do teach you a lot of things. I'll outlived many of my pets and it's not a pleasant experience sending them off. But I guess, the greatest lesson here would be to treasure the things you have while you have them.

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