Monday, July 17, 2006


Argh, trying to snap out of this mental stupor. Need to blast some thoughts out on blog:

When life deals you a bad turn
It's s0 tempting to say
Why do others have it easy
And lousy things to me
Why do I keep making mistakes
And foolish boo-boos too
People should just screw up once
Me, it's always more than two

Others look to the future
I just live from day to day
Others dream of positions and family
Me, the future's black and grey
I remember, when we were younger
We used to play a game
If you could just turn back the clock
Would you still do things the same

Now the clock has moved so far ahead
And half my life is gone
Do I still take it easy
Or be in grander terms, reborn
How different God created us
By appearance, shapes and hues
In temperament, the divide is greater
You're not me, I'll never be you

So where does that leave me
I admit I do not know
Some may ask, what do you want
Me? it doesn't matter, no..
But of one thing I can be sure
I've put my trust in God
If all else fails in all the world
I still rely on His Word

For God has given me joy and peace
During times when I was down
Whenever I felt empty
Many good friends I have found
We desire the good things
We grumble when we fall
Forgetting all things come from the Father
Who shines and rains on all

So, do not despair, O my soul
There is still much ahead
As long as the sun still shines
And this heart is not dead
Learn to trust the Maker
Rely upon His Word
And when all things come to an end
Say confidently, I had it good.

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Las montañas said...

Have faith in the Lord, for He only can know what it is in for us, in our journey here on earth.