Saturday, July 15, 2006

Psychological Barrier No#4

Yes, after 3 decades on this little blue-green marble, yours truly has finally enrolled in a gym. Ahhh, thanks to 2 buddies, hopefully we will embark on a successful three month journey to fun and fitness. Phew.

Hmm, why did I name this blog, Psychological Barrier No#4? Well personally, I believe every person has some mental barriers that prevents them from doing something and achieving greater wholeness in life. Yes, yes, this is a personal victory.. going to a gym, not as tough as I thought it would be. Let me see, what were the previous 3:

Psychological Barrier No#1: Driving
Psychological Barrier No#2: Overcoming fear of public activities such as worship leading
Psychological Barrier No#3: Overcoming fear of people's opinions of self

Funny, aren't they? Well, they are not. I guess if I am asked how I overcome them, I would give credit to God who has led me in strange and wonderful ways to overcoming these personal obstacles.

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Las montañas said...

Good that you have joined a gym. A fit and healthy body is important so that we can further our work for the Lord.