Monday, July 3, 2006

Song Dedications I (Sherman Kuek)

Hmm, too much depressing stuff being written lately. Guess a person can only bring out what lies within the recesses of his soul. Think a creative change is needed.

For the next few blogs, I shall write and dedicate some song lyrics for my friends based on their outstanding/favourite traits and a Godly characteristic. OK first one for Sherman, the blog man ... Hope you like it, dude, muahaha...


When words are harshly spoken
And decisions, rashly made
When people are taken for granted
And relationships become frayed
When actions seem so thoughtless
And rough words, hastily said
Who can heal the broken hearted,
Restore life to the dead

When expectations are shattered
And precious trust, betrayed
When rights gain more importance
And once-good things become grayed
When one is lost in enmity
And justice is all one seeks to see
When anger binds and bitterness seize
Who will set the blinded free

Strange and mysterious
This Godlike quality
Elusive to the strong willed
To the 'wise', stupidity
Heavy though it seems the cost
Yet it can set both 'victims' free
It grants the ones who heed its call
A vision of eternity

God's mercy flowing through
Gentle is its touch
And it makes all things new
Pouring down like rain
Setting prisoners free
Healing hurts and pains

For when one chooses to listen
To the One who has shown us how
All things surely fall in place
So why not do it now...

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