Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Song Dedications II (Andrew)

I got to know Andrew at a really low time in my life. Though there is a major age difference between us, he has proven to be a very good friend and brother in Christ. The thing that strikes me most about him is his fiery disposition and his passion. He excels at whatever he is passionate in like basketball, acting and Dota among many things, but most of all, he has a deep passion for God. So this is my second song dedication:


The day I met You, Lord
You lit a flame within my heart
To seek You and Your ways
And never draw apart
This fire, bright within me
Thought things could never change
Took things for granted as time went by
The light of passion dimmed

Oh Lord, fan the fire
Pour oil upon the flame
Rekindle my desire
To seek Your will again
Let my heart never wander
Let my eyes never stray
Keep me steadfast and true
When I turn to You and pray...

Though things do not always turn out
The way I want to be
The goal that You have given
Is set in eternity
Though troubles come and turmoils reign
And I'm shaken to the core
Strengthen my desire
To want You more and more..

Light the way
Let my feet be sure
Ignite my heart
Lord, make it pure
Lord, burn away
The empty me
Then fill me up
Your vessel to be...

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