Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Sunday

Went to church as usual
Had Holy Communion today
Pastor preached the sermon
Can't remember title, heh
There was a thanksgiving lunch
Given by the newly wedded pair
The church van was dedicated
Celebration was in the air

An afternoon was planned
An outing with three friends
First, help a friend feed a dog
Then let the fun begin
Couldn't decide on a movie
Opted out instead
Had burgers at McDonald
(Frankly. I'm sick of bread)

Losing one programme
What else is there to do
Check out the new cyber cafe
Hmm, 'Forbidden City'... cool!
As usual played some DOTA
Owned some 'noobish' players
Not enough quota for new game
Left the place in a haste

Off for some ABC treat
Lee Sam Road's is great
Seriously you should try it
The best in Seremban yet
Then it's off to the bus terminal
To send off a friend
He has work in Melaka
Tomorrow start at seven

So the evenings nearly done
Finally we're off home
Finished bananas for dinner
Dang, have a headache... *groan*
Bathed the silly doggy
He's getting dirty of late
Dogs look sad during 'showers'
But after, they are chirpy and great

Getting kind of bored here
Documenting this whole day
Checked my computer
Watched a little anime
And now the day is nearly done
I see it's eleven o'clock
And so we've arrived at this point
When I can close this blog.


Las montañas said...

Hey, nice little poem reflecting a typical sunday. Bored? maybe take up a hobby?

weiwei said...

Hi got you link from Uncle James. You really good at writing poems. Wish I can do so. =)

Jonzz said...

ooo, thank you for the compliment. i don't know, rhyming just works for me, that's all, nothing great.

Jimbo said...

wa, so poetic, so post-modern, full of angst and everything else. jealous jealous. I can sum up my day in one word..STRESS