Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Today a colleague had her birthday. Ah, birthdays... makes me feel all poetic, ha ha ha (Wonderfu! another excuse to dump crappy poems for bored people to read) :

Another year has come and gone
Another Earth trip around the sun
Memories to rejoice, mistakes to mourn?
Well, can't change things already said and done

365 days on this mortal coil
One step closer to six below the soil
Have we grown wiser in all our toil
Or lament our plans that have been foiled

Whatever things be, whatever people say
God has not yet said, 'let's call it a day'
So count your blessings, and just pray
Thank you God for another birthday...

1 comment:

Las montañas said...

yeah man! lets celebrate with a nice makan! i know, I havent had a proper breakfast yet, like jimbo.