Thursday, August 10, 2006

Life is Unpredictable

Proverbs 27: 1
Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

Last night, I found out that a friend had an accident the day before. Apparently, his car just passed the traffic light and there was a traffic jam. Suddenly, the lorry behind him rammed into his car and pushed his car forward into his friend's car in front. The lorry driver just ran off and left his vehicle after that. Thank God no one was physically harmed.

This morning, I hear of a colleague and a student at my workplace being robbed at knifepoint yesterday in the surrounding housing area.

These two incidents just illustrate what a dangerous world we live in these days and how fragile our lives really are. People can become proud and rely on their strength and resources, making many plans, but in the end, no one can really determine the future, save God.


Las montañas said...

Live for the day.

Las montañas said...

Hope your friend is alright. Its bad to be knocked from behind. I kena once during childhood and had whiplash pains for a period.

Jonzz said...

No idea if any after effects. But his backseat friend's glasses flew to the front.

Joycelyn said...

luckily no one get hurt.
i heard there is robbery at USJ areas.not knife but parang,huh!.so scary.
ya,life is fragile and should apprecaite what we have and live life meaningfully.enjoy and feel thankful for every "today" that we have.

Jonzz said...

Sigh, nowadays, open the newspapers, you see all these things peppered all over the main sections; I really hate reading the papers. It's enough to make you depressed and paranoid and lock yourself in the house. But then, nothing is ever certain in life. But that's what makes life more interesting. As Christians would say, we put our trust in God and pray for the best.

j said...

that's why i dont read,don't know much happenings n pray lesser??...hehehee...just kidding.but i really don't like newspaper.will just flip tru when i have nothing to do or if there are some interesting articles or most commented issues.