Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend of Non-Stop Eating

Ahh, I had such a weekend filled with eating.

On Saturday, our church had a durian party where we 'gorged' ourselves on what-else, durians, lar. Of course we had mangosteens, rambutans and all other types of Malaysian foods. Wah, all my gym efforts gone down the drain, he he he.

On Sunday, a group of us went down to Taman Asean church to help out in their worship service. After that, we went to Melaka town Jonker street for some shopping and cendol/chendol feasting.
Wa, two types of cendols and some popiah... man, I can feel the sugar saturating in my blood and brain.

Phew... too much sweet stuff actually gives me the after-effect of a headache. I wonder if this is normal. Anyway, it's Monday now. and it's a holiday in Negeri Sembilan: Israk and Mikraj (yay, 2 thumbs up). The downside is I'm too lethargic from over the weekend to drive down to KL. (boo, 2 thumbs down) . Dang... oh well, gotta drift around until this heaviness lifts.


Las montañas said...

bro, Seremban to KL drive is quite a challenge to take especially if you are loaded with sugar. The zzZ monster may take over!

Take up hiking! it is a healthy activity! Climb gunung rembau (route 51 to Tampin) for a start!

Jonzz said...

Gunung Rembau??? Route 51?

Las montañas said...

doesn't ring a bell? road51 (if I recall the number correctly) is the old trunk road lah.