Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What food is Seremban famous for?

  1. Many, many years ago: 'It must be Hakka mee. You can never see these noodles anywhere else in Malaysia and cooked in this manner'
  2. When school was my oyster: 'Hmm, must be Seremban siew pao. You go to any town in Malaysia and even though it's not Seremban, you can get Seremban siew pao'
  3. University: 'Ha? You didn't know Seremban is famous for beef noodles ar?' 'Err, err, really meh, people really like that stuff, meh?' (Thought to self: but I get stomach ache everytime I have that)
  4. A few years ago: 'Hey, we're coming to Seremban. Can you take us to the famous ketam bakar(grilled/baked crab) in Seremban? I must have the cheese crab?' 'Uh, I have no idea, Seremban really famous for ketam bakar, meh?' (Thought to self: We're not even near the seaside. How can we be famous for crab?)
  5. Two days ago: 'Hey, can you take me to the famous fish head noodle in Seremban? I want to take my friend there.. the one I know is in Taman AST ... ' 'Uh, fish head noodles... uh... uh... wait ar, let me make a phone call'

Ha ha, I plead ignorance, guys. Where have I been for the past few decades? At home of course, enjoying mum's cooking.


Las montañas said...

yeah... tell us whats good to eat in seremban. Its very near my aunt's place in Tampin but never actually go there often.

Jonzz said...

hmm, Tampin, I've never been there. It follows the route the Kuala Pilah, non?

Anonymous said...

mum's cooking is da best!

Las montañas said...

There is a separate branch off to K Pilah-->Bahau (very winding country road).

The other branch off goes to seremban. Or if you feel $$, can use NS highway :)

Las montañas said...

I want my beef noodles for lunch! piping hot. good for an aircon office (20C)!

Lee Ping said...


I saw a link to your blog from Lily's Siew Pao. I am drawn to your blog because of the little paragraph that you wrote about yourself. Last Friday at church, a sister said our heart is like a sealed dark box, when we unseal the box a little dark will begin to seap into box. The more we open up, the more light will come into the box.