Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Why Celebrate?

Prior to yesterday, I was very down in the dumps. The old familiar pessimistic side exerted its dominance and welled up within me uttering familiar words like, 'Life is so boring. People die anyway. There's nothing new in this world that someone has not thought of or done before. What's the big deal?'. Sigh, the struggles of a melancholic personality.

I have made it a point to start celebrating birthdays within my family during my schooldays. Some folks say, 'Why celebrate? Why make a big deal?'. I decided then, why not?

Reason 1: Thanksgiving. Be thankful that you are alive. There are many less-fortunate people out there who yearn for that extra day or hour to spend time with their loved ones. You could have been in their shoes. Celebrate.

Reason 2: Though you may not feel good about yourself at the moment, I'd like to believe somehow, out there, there are people who care about you. Don't spend your time questioning people's motives. I was very blue yesterday but after a deluge of birthday greetings, I actually felt much better. Of course, it was only until late evening, when my defenses finally kicked in, after I had a mild discussion with another church friend.

Reason 3: Don't let the year slip by just like that. Mark it with a celebration like Christmas or New Year! Celebrate yourself. Be glad someone like you have had a chance to live those unique experiences that only you have. There will never be another creation exactly like you in this universe.

So there you have it, some motivational pennings from someone who admits to be a pessimist and often subject to bouts of depression. This blog entry will not complete if I do not give thanks to the Lord who delivered me and has not yet given up on me yet.

So cheer up, kick off those shoes and look at the sunny side of life for a change. Be happy like a dog (Plagiarized from fellow blogger LM's site). Don't let the stormy premonitions of tomorrow tarnish the bright sunshine of today!

Don't worry, be happy!


Las montañas said...

yeah, beat those blues!! trash 'em well and good.

so you're 29? (you don't have to answer this Q online you know)

Again, depressive mood can be elevated through:

1. good wide range of nutritious food. chocolate is included!

2. being with 'siao' positive people

3. take up exercise, and keep at it. exercise helps free the mind from constantly thinking about things. It releases certain hormones that have the feel-good factor too.

Jonzz said...

29... cold

weiwei said...

I had made it a point to remember frens' birthday and wish them. That will make them happy receiving my wishes and to some my gifts as well. :)

DT said...

Birthdays are important. I hoped that you had a good birthday and friends who celebrated the day for you and with you.