Sunday, October 15, 2006

A.B.I.S. or L.A.B (updated 16 Oct 2006)

I've separated my blogger list into two sets: A.B.I.S and the L.A.B. I guess people will be bugging me for the meanings behind it, so I've decided to let you guys guess. It should be a cinch for Annie(muahaha, or not)


  1. A.B.I.S is actually Active Bloggers I Stalk
  2. L.A.B. is just Less Active Bloggers
But after listening to your comments, I've decided to upgrade it to:
  1. H.A.B.I.S which stands for Highly Active Bloggers I Stalk (Thanks, Ian)
  2. F.L.A.B which stands for Far Less Active Bloggers
(Mua ha ha... evil laugh)


Annie said...

Jonzz MUST be an IT guy because he lives in abbreviation mode. It's all about bytes and MB or GB or ABIS or LABs.. Ok.. Pooh? You going to guess on these or is Jonzz going to continue laughing at our LOW logic intelligence.

A.B.I.S. - "All Blogs I stalk"
or Assholes, Bastards, Idiots, & Shitheads.

L.A.B. - "Lame Ass Blogs"
or Loser Anal Bums.


poohbearee said...

brain stuck. I cant guess

poohbearee said...

maybe becos i am reading his blog upside down.

ian said...

Add an H in front you get H.A.B.I.S. Hahaha!!!

You're getting more and more notorious for your encrypted antics...

JImbo said...

How come i get this evil looking cartoon as my icon? :-P

Jonzz said...

jimbo: because you removed your handsome face from your blog. I have no more source of 'jimbos', lol!

Jonzz said...

Annie: gotta give it to you, you're hilarious and your answers are pretty close - but I think putting 'Lame Ass Blogs' will shorten my lifespan in a jiffy.

poohbearie: stop standing on your head =P

Ian: I like your idea. H.A.B.I.S. rocks more than A.B.I.S.

Annie said...

I win! I win! What's my prize!

Awe, well I suppose it's a good thing I'm not on some "idiot" list.. Thanks for putting me under the "active" list.... I think... why does that sound wrong for some reason...

Joycelyn said...

Annie:u genius la.or u r the worm inside Jonzz's stomach?:)

Jimbo:the icon for u is cool leh ;)

ian said...

MUAHAHAA Jon, I can't believe you'd actually took the H.A.B.I.S idea... Nanti lu habis in a jiffy... Hahaha! Whoops.. Did I just get fined?