Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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6.00am. Still dark outside. Hmm... is this a working day? Oh, it's still a Raya holiday. Hmm... can't get back to sleep. What to do? .... trudge... trudge... reads some blogs... dumps some comments... 'party' in some cboxes... back to own blog... what to write today...

NUTS! I'm addicted to this.... *Sigh*

It's so easy to point a finger and criticize when it comes to addictions like smoking, gambling, drinking or pornography. Personally, I think we are always 'addicted' to something at any particular point of our lives - computer games, hanging out, gossipping, television or even work. It's just that some are more harmful than others.

Sigh, I need to cut down on this and read more. But then I'll probably get more blogging fodder... Arghh!!! where's the number for Bloggers Anonymous???

P.S. Sorry ian, for the overdose of comments in your blog yesterday... guess I got a bit carried away since it was a boring holiday.


Annie said...

You know Jonzz, I hear a lot of folks feel that way - that it's an addiction; but I'm starting to see it as a positive tool of nourishing our human need for acknowledgement (I'm here, I'm alive), of comfort (when you're sick), of just reaching out to someone else. Nobody has to comment on anybody's blog; you can lurk all you want; but it's a 'giving' of a gift to let someone know that you've read their blog and agree/disagree or whatever. I think we've gotten so bogged down with work and office politics and other responsibilities, we forget to have fun and maybe even learn something new from friends from other parts of the world. How else can you do that? Before computers, we had PenPals. You'd write to someone in Africa or Asia or Russia.. then 3 weeks later, you get a letter in return.

Some teachers are taking advantage of some of the restricted safe type blogs in their classroom - it's encouraging children to write and type journals. Kids get excited when they receive a response.

Now, why is that when people of all ages feel good when you get a comment or a response back via computer? It's ackowledging the other person as a breathing human being - because simply lurking or ignoring people is just plain rude behavior, insensitive if you do it consistently and selfish in my opinion. So, keep blogging and think of yourself as a newspaper colunist who contributes the mankind something for us to read everyday. :D

Las montañas said...

But I already don't have the time to read the daily newspapers...!

There must be something in the blogs. jonzz wasn't like that when he was older.

Anonymous said...

Haha... Jon, you're welcomed to put comments on my blog. And seriously, 3 comments were nothing compared to what LM and ME do to me on their once-overhyped Fridays. I got like twenty comments from these two blog-terrorists! Hahaha!

Las montañas said...

ian: Ha! caught you making not so pleasant remarks about me and ME!

wait till she comes back!

"Just you wait!" - My Fair Lady

poohbearee said...

jonzz: heee....I rem u asking me not to blame the blog a few days ago. *evil grin*

I think u r fine if you dun spend excessive time here. Pls dun stop blogging. We will miss u.


Annie said...

Jonzz said "NUTS" on his blog.