Friday, October 13, 2006

Cats, Dogs, Chicks and Ooyings ...

I have to admit I've been a bit obsessed with blogging in the past two weeks. OK, that is too much of an understatement... I've been VERY obsessed with this blog.

Anyway, I was blog-surfing today and I noticed somebody's blog had a cool moving stick figure graphic next to his favourite links.

To cut a long story short, I was like, 'That's kinda cool. I wanna do that too'.

Sketch, sketch, draw shape, resize, save.. ta daa... isn't that the cutest little ooying(fly) you've ever seen.... Let's see, who's gonna get a fly today... Andrew... paste... Annie... paste... and soon my list was pasted with flies. (Somehow, that sounds a bit gross)

With the task completed, I lean back to admire my handiwork, so cute... so blue... so... so.. so boring... sigh...

Back to the drawing board... let's differentiate the guys from the gals. Now, the guys get the blue fly, the gals get ... hmm... something pink (it's a feminine colour right)... something cute (important criteria)... sketch sketch, color, resize, save... wah... a nice pink pussycat . I'm sure Annie will be so awestruck by this lovely rose powder colored feline. I can hear it already...

Hey!! I'm not gonna tell you everything. Life's not so simple. Here's a visual guide to assist the cartoon-illiterate:

  • : This is the humble blue 'ooying', it's the housefly in the Cantonese dialect
  • : This is the pink pussycat, notice the round pink face, the pointy triangular ears, the pink nose(Well, okay, everything is pink... grmbl... next... )
  • : This is the animal population that contributes to Colonel Sander's wealth, it's the chicken lar, what else.. goodness, don't you know what you are eating?
  • : Ahhh, this little fella, observe the brown ears, affectionate eyes, brown nose, pink tongue... (You can't see... sweat... you need new glasses) it's a puppy
So let's play a little game of intuition and see who can tell me how I came up with the icons and what the animals on my blog represent(mua ha ha ha ha, evil laugh again). And for the closest answers, I will customize an icon for you. Ta daaaaaaa....

Uh oh, I can hear Ian's voice whispering down south, ''So lame... Egomaniac... '. Umm, whatever, so what are you waiting for?


ian said...

WTH??!! You callin' me a fly?? But I HATE FLIES!!!!

I guess my intelligence failed to get myself a customised icon... LOL!

poohbearee said...

Let me guess *grin*

Housefly: As irritating as can be.
PussyCat: U R OBSENCE, JONZZ. *u need a spanking*
Chicken: The word tells it all.
Dog: Your meek followers??
No category: Too insignificant to bother abt.

Heeheeee.....Just kidding. Pls dun hate me *giggle*

Annie said...

*sniff* *awe choo* I'm allergic to cats, but I'll be a pink pussy if you insist. LOL! *sniff*

Chickens: guys with skinny ass legs and goatees?

Dog: Man's best friend. Barks loudly and needs a leash constantly.

Fly: obnoxious

Kitty Cat: low maintenance, self-sufficient, clean, soft, pretty and of course BRILLIANT.. Yeah *high5* Poohbearee

Las montañas said...

whats mine?

Jonzz said...

Hmm, Mr Ian, in view of your 'medical' condition and other unavoidable circumstances, you have been upgraded to 'spotted puppy'.

Now, now, before anyone points fingers at me and accuses me of being biased, let it be known that the judge(s) are awarding this rare critter based on the following criteria:
1. Poor Mr Ian has suffered a shock from the fly icon next to him due to his insectophobia - Note the heavily emphasized 'I HATE FLIES'
2. He is the first participant and receives the complimentary icon. Clap please... What do you mean I didn't mention it? Ooops, small technicality, Details, details...
3. We don't want to aggravate him further. What if he stops writing? (*Gasp*) Imagine what his legion of female fans will do to us.
OK, judge's decision is final. Competition will go on. (mua ha ha, evil laugh)

Jonzz said...

LM, you're a puppy, like Jimbo.(Oops, did I just drop a hint?) Didn't you read my visual cartoon aid?

Annie said...

Wow, Ian got special dibs on a special puppy. Monty pup needs to keep up..

HEY! I put little figurines next to the links in my blog too. *evil smile*

Anonymous said...

WHAT??!! SPOTTED PUPPY??!! U making fun of my acne??!! Hahahaa!

Gee, really appreciate your honourary icon... But I shall be looking forward to your dissection of the icons' meanings...

Anonymous said...

Make more cats and only cats! Cats are best YAY! Triangular nose ya.

Jimbo the Puppy said...

Initially I thought I got a pig! Ugh! But since you explained it's a puppy, I guess it's alright. But it still looked mighty suspiciously like a PIG! Is it a PIGPY?