Monday, October 23, 2006

Graduation Service

Working on a weekend is no fun but thank God I had the next few days of Raya holiday to look forward too.

Last Saturday, we had a graduation service and the preparations started early in the morning. Yawn... I hate getting up so early on a weekend.

One important lesson in life: work gets done quickly if everyone gets involved without the tiresome restrictions of ranks and red tapes. It's a wonderful thing to observe students, staff and lecturers willingly work together without being calculative about his or her scope of work.

I was involved in some minor table arrangment and a 'mini production line' for cling wrapping the trays of food for afternoon tea. Yes, three guys, a cling wrap and a pair of scissors. Hmmm, sounds like a possible theme for a new comedy. Anyway, here's a 'tantalizing' display of the food we 'gift wrapped'. Ha ha ha...

Afternoon, yours truly had the pleasure of playing cameraman for the the recording of the service. Quite a standard ceremony with the exception of a traditional dance performed by the students. Soon it was over, and the gift exchanges, photo takings and farewells followed. Sigh.

Well, there you have it; a glimpse into a non-typical working day in the life of jonzz.


Las montañas said...

Which college is that?

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: What's this "FEW days of Raya hol" I am jealous. How come I only have 1 day of Raya hol???!!!!! *pout*

Annie said...

How come I don't get any Rah a bah ha ha holiday?

*bigger pout than Poohbee*

and how come WE don't get food when we graduate from school? and they call us a civilized nation.. BAH!.. all I got was the college loan papers and the amount I had to pay back to the bank. Not a celery stick in sight of my graduation.

Jonzz said...

LM: lol, i think i've mentioned it in my blog before. STM. Seminari Theoloji Malaysia.

poohbearee: lol, ha ha ha

annie: because you have that Daylight Savings day already, *evil laugh*