Monday, October 2, 2006

Melancholic Musings

Yesterday, I just read someone's last blog entry. Apparently, she's gonna stop blogging because of other people's concern for her privacy and safety.

I find this kind of depressing.

It's getting harder to be open any more. You can't say or do anything without fear or being judged anymore. Whatever happened to the ideals of accepting one another and the gift of listening? In this world, everyone wants their voice to be heard. They want to be the one who's right. To agree or to listen to another person's opinion means 'I lose'. Pride... So many problems would be solved if people learned to listen and talk to one another. Communication. Like the cliche, there's a reason why God gave us two ears and only one mouth.

In the end, I find that writing my thoughts down is the best way to go because as I write, no one interrupts or judges me. But of course, I do worry when it comes to blogging because you never know who might be reading and the consequences of your words. I've actually deleted a number of entries for the sake of others.

Sigh... I guess some things you just have to take to the grave with you.


Annie said...

I think you've just got to be cautious and smart. I know 18 year old's who blog safer than 38 year old's. The things I see blogged can be too intimate and could possibly be used against you in some form or fashion. Relatives get a copy, etc. FREE Speech is a grand thing when used wisely. However, without blogging, I would never have met folks on the other side of the globe, like you.

To me, it's the new form of communication, exercising free speech and encourages free thinkers.

Las montañas said...

breeds slackers.

Annie said...

Takes one to know one.. LOL!
*running REALLY fast now* Shouldn't you be stuck in traffic somewhere Mr.Montana? We should be more sensitive to Jonzz.. I think he's developing a complex..Shhhh.. don't tell him I said so.

Las montañas said...

Ms Pacific NorthWest! I beg your pardon!! Please! do not mutilate the Spanish language. It is señor montaña. Thank you very much. Now is that the reason you moved from Southern California?

Back to where we left off.. ok. we will not breathe a word to jonzz.

Jonzz said...

what's all this highly coded talk? I'm here you know. Hmmph... lol