Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Morning at S2 City Park

The sky looked pretty good today. You could actually see cloud formations. Ahhh... fresh air. No smelly haze. If this keeps up, I can go outdoors more frequently and improve my mood. *Fingers crossed*

It's the first day of the Raya holidays, and I decided to join my family and some relatives to spend the morning at the S2 City Park. S2 stands for Seremban 2 which is a new township. After packing some food at the nearby food court, off we went.

The place looks pretty packed. Looks like everyone else has the same idea. Anyway, yours truly felt a bit trigger-happy and snapped a bundle of pictures today.

The cool thing I like about this place is the abundance of fish. There are many different platforms(picture below) for you to feed the fish, and workers selling fish food. I think it's a great money saver for the park administration and a side income generator for the workers. LOL!

Look at all that fish! They look good enough to eat *Hunger pangs*

Of course, in a beautiful scenic park, there is no shortage of places where people choose to declare their love for each other. Paint, wood, you name it...

Dang vandals...

Oh well, all in all a very tiring morning for this uncle, after keeping an eye out for his two highly active and curious nephews.


poohbearee said...

Show us a photo of yourself n your 2 nephews. please?

Las montañas said...

uncle, nice pics!

Those banded fishes are Tilapias, and introduced fish from Africa. Probably Tilapia mozambicca

The last thing I'd do here in Singapore is to visit a park! People crawl all over the place and it is hot and humid.

Man, its time to plan another trip up north to bolehland soon.

pooh: why are you so desperate for Jonzz's photo? Do you know that drooling over a 13 yo's photo could land u in trouble?!

Annie said...

I like parks. Not on a hot day though, but that's what trees are for.