Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Night Out

It's been raining all night again and in the morning. Yet, there was still no blue sky to be seen. Depressing.

I had a night out with friends and met up with another person whom I only knew online as 'aMei'. ROFL, this is NOT the Taiwanese singer that you know and love. This guy (YES, it's a guy) plays an assassin character in an MMORPG game. Anyway, synchronizing the actual person with his online alter ego required quite a bit of re-adjustment.

Ha ha.

We checked out another western restaurant in Seremban called Hawaiian Steakhouse. Sounds fancy! Frankly, in my opinion, there are no 'fancy restaurants' in Seremban. Anyway, my friend ordered this spring chicken dish which caught my attention.

Would you believe I had forgotten what spring chicken means? Ha ha, go look up the dictionary. Anyway, the 'cute' thing about this dish was the 'obscene' pose it was in. Hey! I'm also entitled to the occasional naughty thought!

Anyway, it looked as though they tricked the chicken into bending over before beheading it. Sort of like playing a trick with an ancient guillotine:

'Lean over, please!' *Ching*

And suddenly, you get to see the world from every conceivable angle before realizing, 'Oops, my head's not attached to my body anymore'.

After that, we adjourned to the nearby cybercafe for a round of DOTA. In my lame social life, a night out is not complete without a tournament of DOTA, or a movie. We owned our opponents. Yes!!!! Two games... I used a tinker and the enchantress. Wooot....

It was about midnight when we left. It was raining cats and dogs.

Sigh. In two day's time, there will be a graduation. Some friends whom I have known in the past few years will be assigned to their new churches where they have prepared for their calling into full time ministries. Honestly, I will never get used to farewells no matter how long I live. Somehow, the idea of a friendship being relegated to phone calls, emails and msn doesn't quite do it for me. I guess I still hope some things could stay the same. 'Friends Forever'?... Only time will tell...


poohbearee said...

Graduate from bible school? To be pastors? New churches as in Msia or elsewhere? Full time ministry is not for everyone; but i do admire those going into it.

Ooppsss...too many qtns. I think I sound rather like a busybody. ;p

Las montañas said...

Is that your fav pose jonzz? The kai sifatt pose.

wah I like rain! rain bulls and elephants lagi better!

Anonymous said...

I haven't played DOTA for ages liao... I go back sure kena owned by newbies..

me said...

are you studying to be a pastor? then no, you are not allowed even one, make that half, a naughty thought. now, go repent. this type of comment allowed or is it religiously wrong? but it's nice to know that even pastor-to-be? have good sense of humour.

Annie said...

Alls I wanna know is:
"Does Jonzz really have freckles?"


Hang with me Jonzz and I'll create a lot of trials and challenges for ya! .. alter ego talking. *wink wink*

Friends Forever - time does tell. *sigh*.. so many friends, so many lost through time. I'm sad now.
It's all your fault. *cry*

Jonzz said...

poohbearie: jonzz, a pastor? a pastor-to-be? fulltime? WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think dear, you must have confused me with someone else. (evil laugh)

LM: who's this LM??? come in only talk about chicken backside? Imposter! What did they do to you in Ipoh? Overfeed you with Ipoh chicken rice and taugeh? Time for some deprogramming LM. Come to Seremban and have some Springy chicken, and it'll add that much needed bounciness back in your neurons. (evil laugh)

ian: Oooo.. a fellow dota-er... you much play with me and DuZhai sometimes and get owned... oops... rephrase, some fun social time together. DuZhai is so noob he can only get at least one godlike in every game (evil laugh)

me: Again, the pastor question? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No no no, jonzz is in the IT business where we mess with people's computers and not their heads. Hmm, that's kind of related, isn't it. I can't be a pastor. Too corrupted for words. (evil laugh)

annie: Don't cry. Let me offer you some spring chicken. Jonzz has no freckles only tons of acne scars accumulated through the years. Maybe one day, I'll be redeemed by 'Extreme Makeover'. (evil laugh)

poohbearee said...

Jonzz, u not going to be a pastor ah? I'll take back my admiration then...wahahahaha

just kidding....u misread my comment. I was referring to YOUR FRENS.

DuZhai said...

rofl, i suck at dota, i bet Ian in his rusty dota hands can pawn me without using the keyboard for hotkeys

weiwei said...

Jonzz are you attending the graduation? Pls say hello to Alfred and Shirley...and the 2 boys-Daniel and Samuel....ohhh I missed Samuel.

Jonzz said...

weiwei: hopefully I remember. There will be quite a crowd there.