Saturday, October 7, 2006

Slow Saturday

This has been a very slow Saturday indeed. I have spent practically the whole day in front of the terminal messing with Ulead PhotoImpact. Sweat... how long more is this little obsession going to last?

I managed to change my header to something more satisfactory. Yeah, high five...

Hmm, discovered that blogger's uploaded images do not support GIF animated files. Too bad. How did Annie put the Calvin and Hobbes gif file onto her website? Oh, she hosts it on PhotoBucket. Thanks, Annie. Well, more stuff for me to experiment then.

Sigh, the series of 'Ouran High School Host Club' anime has come to an end. There goes another of life's little pleasures. Well, here's hoping for the next season.

Oh, anybody knows where I can find a good file host for audio/mp3 files to plug into the blog? Your info is greatly appreciated.


Joycelyn said...

how about sound click?most ppl use this but sometimes it is slow n breaking also

Annie said...

I've spent hours and searched music blog hosts (which got me a lot of virus' btw just visiting the sites.. I was able to zap them) I could NOT figure out how to put music on my blog.

I finally just settled to putting a music VIDEO and it happened to play the song at the same time. This is the site I use to get my codes. I've been able to find a lot of songs I like and copy the video code and paste it in my blog template without having virus' attached to them. Sneaky little bastard sites with viruses. I like this one:

I've been putting the video on the bottom of my blog so it doesn't force people to watch it. I just force ya to LISTEN to my favorite songs. tee hee.

Jonzz said...

joycelyn: thanks

annie: ya, i noticed the video. nice song btw. seems like i still have to keep on looking.

Bernard said...

Nice header... i was wondering what "running waters" meant.

Jonzz said...

bernard: the description was always in the header even the old one. Coined it when I started this blog. Wanted something cool sounding.