Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tagboard Troubles

Sigh, my tagboard has been misbehaving these two days and I can't logon to their site. I've disabled it for now. I probably will switch to C-box soon. Rats!


Annie said...

You're scary Jonzz when you get mad. Must be the below average intelligence. LOL!


phew. nice to be able to stalk you again.

DuZhai said...

Rofl, WHEN he gets mad? me being his almost half a decade fren thinks there's not one time he's not MAD!!!!!!!

Annie said...

Again, must be the *cough* low intelligence thing.. hee hee..

HEY!, why is there a deranged insane looking pink cat next to my name! I'm on a hit list ladies and gents.. A crazy cat is being sent to me to kill me.
*running for fear of my life*

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: I refused to hv some dubious pink kitty with a slanted head tagged to my name without u explaining wat it means.