Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Understanding ME (argh, so embarassed!)

*This must be one of my most embarassing blogs. I misinterpreted a stick figure drawing for a full picture. Well, it just goes to show that different people can view the same picture or situation but interprete it very differently... Sigh, that's life for you... *biting hand*

I'm bored. It's raining. Yes, I know it's hazy and all, and we need the rain to clear the haze but dang, I'm bored. I'm also stuck in the office. And I have no plans. Okay, rephrase, no fun plans. An idle mind is Jonzz's workshop. Don't always blame the Devil. You should take some of the credit.

Hmm.. what is there to do? Oh yes, I've just linked to ME's blog today. I must admit, the most intriguing thing about ME is her avatar. Here it is:
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I mean, look at it. It's so simple, yet so cute. It reminds me of a baby, that innocent little expression. Pure genius. And best of all, you can't tell what the gender really is. *Sweat* it's just begging to be coloured.
Disclaimer: Hey! this is NOT a racist statement, and anyone who thinks otherwise, can go read some other blog.

So yours truly's itchy fingers did the unspeakable. They coloured the avatar.
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Based on my theory, if it was a boy, it would look something like the avatar on the top left. (Nice jeans, don't you think. Probably Levi's) AND.... if it was a girl, it would look like the avatar on the top right. (Nice pink skirt or long pants, I can't tell.. probably from Giordanos, lol...). Isn't it absolutely fascinating how ambiguous this avatar can be...

Anyway, I've been bugged by one thousand and one suggestions from Poohbearie(okay, I like to exaggerate, it was only two... details... details... *grumble* *grumble*) The genius creator of this avatar suggested I should add hair and feet so I am obligated to oblige. So, after 3600 seconds, I have come up with two new versions of lady MEs with limbs.
Ta da......

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On your left, we have the sweet Plain-Jane version and on your right, we have the glamorous all-ready-for-a-night-out version.

Oh gosh, what am I doing... Somebody please stop the rain and get me out of here before I go totally bonkers...


Joycelyn said...

Jonzz,u r really creative:)
when i 1st see this avatar,to me it looks more like a person wearing bow or tuxedo or the one wear by music conductor.

poohbearee said...

Jonzz: *pout* Y r u complaining abt me AGAIN? (did I tell u before I love to exaggerate also?)

OMG. I CANNOT agree with all your interpretations of ME, although I like your drawings v much:)

Let ME explain her avator. I may be wrong myself. And u would complain abt me again;p

Anonymous said...

but erm... Jon... the illustration is actually ME resting her head on her hands, with her elbows on the table... savvy? no? or were u merely improvising?

Jonzz said...

ian: oh gosh, really? really! dang... well just goes to show... how different points of view can affect your perception of things, huh. Thanks for the info... LOL, but I was seriously bored. Stuck in the office for about an hour.

Jonzz said...

argh, this is so embarassing. I never realized ME was drawing a stick figure. LOL.. (*too embarassed for words*)

poohbearee said...

Dun be. I really do like your improvisation:)

Annie said...

*shaking head* Jonzz has WAY too much time on his hands.

My perception of ME was the blue version where she looks like she has stiletto's on.. but the blue makes her look like she's got blue stockings on now. I like the glamour rama ME :D

poohbearee said...

To tell u all truth, my initial perception of ME was the same as Annie's. The stiletto ME.

I think it is a V CLEVER avator indeed.

me said...

wakakakakaka. rofl. get up and rofl again. it has been sometime before someone has actually made me laugh online. thank you.

a post dedicated to me!!!!!! my very own post!!!! must advertise somemore!

ok, get down to the serious business of my pic. i never realise that i was such a bad artist but now my self-opinion has been greatly humbled! pooh is right but i'm sad to hear that her first impression was also like annie's. i STILL don't understand the stiletto part - how can someone wear heels from the chin??? i thought the pic depicted what i wanted to show - as you said - simple, yet cute, clean lines and what-you-see-is-what-u-get. hmmm....apparently i messed up. well, at least ian saw it as it is. *phew* that's at least one person. ok, guys, back to the workshop.

btw, i like the plain-jane version more. the night out one looks .......errr....aunty! esp the hairstyle! anyway, i love them! *grins*

Annie said...

IAN says "the illustration is actually ME resting her head on her hands, with her elbows on the table"

LOL! I don't see it! I've stared at it for a long time and I can't make it look like elbows and hands! I have good vision really.. I just don't see it! My my, how strange we perceive the same drawing.

Las montañas said...

What are you guys seeing? *gosh* my head is spinning from the intense gaze