Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What's In The Picture?

Gosh, you have such funny answers. Let me clarify a few things first before going into the answers:

  1. I'm NOT testing you for super vision or microscopic vision
  2. Taking pictures of haze??? *sweat*
  3. No person in his/her right mind would take pictures of tiny but fast, faraway 'eagles' in our lovely hazy weather in a dark stairway. (Oops, pun-detector tingling...)
Anyway, here's a picture highlighting what I am NOT taking:

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Number two, unless I have every intention of torturing you, the subject of my picture is logically positioned in the centre of the picture like this:

Still can't see what it is. Well, that's the point. If you can see it so easily, where's the fun in that?
Let me enlarge the picture for you:

Yup, it's a monkey. Your typical Malaysian primate. I was walking up those stairs early morning when I was startled by this shadow jumping onto the roof. Instinctively, I whipped out my phone camera to take his picture. Mr. Monkey was eyeing yours truly in a curious manner. Actually, it was kind of scary the way he looked at me. I half expected him to jump through the glass and do some kind of King Kong VS T-Rex impression. Anyway, turns out our friend is pretty camera shy and turned away at the last instant, hence the lousy shot.


Annie said...

Um.. a monkey? Nope, can't say we have that floating around our roofs here.. LOL! how odd. I did notice the misplaced weird looking "gutter" or roof (the monkey's head) but yanno, I figured that's how you guys put roofs on or something. :P

poohbearee said...

jonzz, dat's a good one. i could not hv guess. i also tot the head was some sort of gutter and the tail some sort of out of place wire.

Hahaha....n me in the construction industry...oh dear.

ian said...

Yeah Dude... it looked like a gutter to me the moment I saw it too... Very mischievious of you, Jon... Very...

DuZhai said...

Sigh, jonzz, who did you hire to take that picture of yourself huh? LOL

Las montañas said...

I'd hire jonzz to investigate the bigfoot that was(is) making news in Malaysia.