Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Crazy Dictionary

In an earlier post, I was thinking that jonzz really had a slang meaning but after checking out the crazy so-called slang dictionary at http://thesurrealist.co.uk/slang.cgi, I found out that it accepts ANY word and comes up with a consistent meaning. Man, this site can really liven all your parties.

So I tested some of the names in my links and the following whacky definitions came up:

n. complicated acronym, meaning violence.
"Want some annie, Mom?"

adj. to be in a (sexual) relationship with someone.
"Is it true that Kelly and Jackie are bernard?"

n. complicated acronym, meaning shoes.
"You have the most happy DuZhai, Jackie."

Ian Liew
n. slang for a particular chain of fast-food burger restaurants.
"Bud, are you coming down to Ian Liew's?"

v. to behave in a famous manner.
"Shh, Jose, I'm trying to Jimbo."

v. to attack snacks.
"'Scuse me while I Joycelyn, Kelly."

Kok Hon
adj. getting ready to shop for something.
"Man, you're so Kok Hon - cheat on my boy!"

Las montanas
n. beer without boys.
"Broken Las montanas, buddy!"

n. a vulgar hand gesture.
"Are you giving me the ME, Jose?"

Merv Kwok
n. magazines belonging to a friend.
"Grandma, this Merv Kwok is really enormous!"

adj. likely to eat non-alcoholic drinks.
"Do you like my friend, dude?" "Yeah, it's Poohbearie."

Ha ha ha, I'm going to die laughing. Go try it with any name, even with the spaces... He he he


Joycelyn said...

hahahahaa....attack snacks...ya,i like snacks a lot n i was eating snacks while reading this...thanks Jonzz

titoki said...


v. to relax with money with alcohol.
"Are you trying to titoki, Jose?"


titoki said...

ms titoki

n. complicated acronym, meaning non-alcoholic drinks.
"Let's get ourselves some irritating ms titoki, Reggie."


titoki said...

titoki's secret diary

n. a nice or outrageous DJ.
"That's a titoki's secret diary and a half!"

*rolled in her grave*

Annie said...

Annie + ME = Violent and vulgar hand gesture.


*High5 ME* Be afraid.. very very afraid.

that's fun Jonzz. It's a brilliant entry.
LOL.. my wordV is "xbitefly"
is it trying to tell me something?

Sam said...

Hilarious! I'm so going to check this site out~! =P

serendipity said...

you're indeed fascinated with ur own nick. haha.

did anyone try to find out what serendipity or good shit means? coz it's like, already, SO OBVIOUS.

serendipity said...

adj. owning a person.
"What do you think, my man?" "Serendipity, Grandma!"

good shit
n. slang for a particular chain of fast-food burger restaurants.
"Jose, are you coming down to good shit's?"

i think i need to get some good shit now.

Ianfluenza said...

LOL! Serene, you've got the same definition as I do... Fast food chains!

Las montañas said...

just can't believe all these!!!

Bernard said...

Woi! How come bernard can mean sex ?? No fair! How can??!! Betuih kah nih??!!

err... kinky. hehe.

me said...

it's so funny. *pulls annie aside* how is a vulgar and violent handshake like? you use your third finger to poke someone in the eye? shall we 'annie + me' jonzzy?

i didn't get monty's. what's a beer without boys? as in you go get a beer without the boys? *scratching head*

Jonzz said...

Oh rats, I lost my first set of comments.

joycelyn: so the dictionary is prophetic after all...

titoki: Argh, somebody call 911. Somebody just died and rolled over her grave in the comment column. Ha ha.

annie: Oh no, annie has discovered her 'violent' origins. Run, children, run!

sam: yeah, it's a scream, isn't it.

serendipity: don't use the word 'shit' here. It's a trigger for 'annie'. Argh.. run!

ian: i'll order a sirloin steak, well done please. *wink*

bernard: admit it, you like the meaning, ha ha ha.
las montanas: you're lucky they didn't give you Brokeback Las Montanas... that would be classic.

me: I see you... wait.. that means I see a vulgar hand gesture... ah... so confusing...