Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Dark Side of Dota

Today, Ian showed an enlightening little YouTube which highlighted the dangers of PMS.

Well, guys may laugh. But just as the 'roses' have their PMS, the 'thorns' also have their 'Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde' moments. This is most apparent especially during competitive sports, and for the young at heart, multiplayer computer games.

The addictive DOTA is a perfect example. For those still clueless, DOTA means 'Defense of the Ancients'. It is an offshoot of the popular Warcraft III game, played by two opposing teams with a maximum of 5 players. Each player controls a hero, with a myriad of abilities, which are gained as the player levels up. The primary purpose of this game is to crush the opponents' base.

To an outsider, when observing a DOTA game, even the most closest of friends may appear like mortal enemies. Even when they are playing on the same side. Oops, let me rephrase that especially when they are on the same team. Of course, after a game, they'll still screw each other but after the screwing subsides, friendship resumes its 'normal' natural course unless they are still stuck in the 'zone'.

You can observe a number of dark personality types, emerge during the course of a game. These are a few of my favourite categorizations:

The Chest Beater
You have to be a reasonably good and experienced player to become a chest beater. Of course, there are exceptions. Basically, if they win the game, it's his glory. If they lose, the team members suck.

Favourite quotes:
  • Noobs, watch me play lar, own your backside upside down
  • Total pawnage! I own, man. Did you see that? Pure skills, man!

The Mathematician
In school, they may suck big time at maths. But in a DOTA game, they can put an actuarial science 'sifu' to shame.

Favourite quotes:
  • Wah, see my kills 42-0. Ha ha ha, you die so many times 0-8, Feeder!!! *Note: this is a hybrid, the mathematician chest beater
  • Stupid lar, you noob. Dont even know how to use Nerubian Assassin. Vendetta one time 325 damage. Stun 200 damage. Mana burn 150 damage. 675 damage. Sure can pawn him already.
  • Farm lar, we need you to own in late game. Buy Divine Rapier 7800 gold. Claymore 1400 + Demon Edge 2600 + Sacred Relic 3800.
Who says games can't improve your maths?

The Bitchy One
Sigh, this personality complains about everything from an imperfect mouse to the noisy kid next to him playing O2 Jam.

Favourite quotes:
  • Aiyo, stupid mouse... see lar, shoot wrongly... (Advise: change the mouse-lar)
  • So noisy the fellow next to me. Play music so loud. How to concentrate... (Advise: use the headphones-lar)
  • Shit lar! my phone ring lar. I never pay attention, then they kill me. (Advise: ignore the handphone-lar)

The Self Righteous One
This one is a close relative to the Bitchy one. He blames everyone else except himself. Totally blind to his own faults. He expects full support from everyone else but keeps quiet during the times when he fails to support.

Favourite quotes:
  • You all never come and help me one. $%#@^&*
  • Why you never heal me? If you heal me, I sure never die.
  • Idiot, why you never stun!

The Feeder
This one is well loved by the opposing team because he feeds them with experience and gold because of his inexperience or incompetence.

Favourite quotes(from his team members):
  • FEEDER!!
  • Don't go in front lar.. You think you are godlike, izzit?
  • Idiot, why you fight against 4 opponents? Cannot wait for us lar.. Want to 'song sei', izzit? (Means suicide)

The Noob With the Inferiority Complex
A noob is a new inexperienced player. Nobody wants a noob on their team but this one is expecially 'feared'. He comes packaged with an inferiority complex and loves to declare his noobiness.

Favourite quotes:
  • Hi everyone! I'm a noob. Can I join your game?
  • He he, don't blame me if I feed okay? I'm just a noob.
  • I don't know how to play one. You never teach me what to buy.

The Sore Loser
Well, this one is very self explanatory. He cannot lose quietly and with grace. It's a wonder he doesn't get choked by the foot he puts in his mouth.

Favourite Quotes:
  • Wait lar, this is not the number one team in my clan. Come lar, got balls, come challenge again next time. See who win leh.
  • We lost because you all got good heros ma. See our heros. Dang sucks... come lar, we play AP mode.
*Note: LOL, AP means All Pick mode where the players get to choose their heros. AR means All Random mode where the players get a random hero to play with.

LOL, this is just my humorous take from playing DOTA and observing people. It just shows the dark side that can emerge when we are fully engrossed in something, even as simple as a computer game.

I am eqully guilty of each of the above. Hey, if you think about it, they pretty much mirror our attitudes in life too. Well, can you think of any more interesting DOTA personalities?

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Las montañas said...

ooo! finally I know what DOTA means! shhhh

and to think I was one of the pioneers of mud in the old days.