Thursday, November 30, 2006

Eulogy For The Faithful

Many years ago, this lowly creature
With nothing better to do
Came and staked its dwelling place
In our cupboard, in father's shoe

If it was pretty with coloured spots
Many moons, it could have stayed
But oozing slime, and a skin of warts
Dad just had to send it away

But dad, feeling a little kind
Sent it to the lake gardens in town
Giving Toady an environmental-friendly place
With a lake to swim around

Alas, alas, as life dictates
Some things are not to be
For within just a week or two
In Shoe No 2, we found Toady

Dad was confounded, so was I
How can such a thing be
A toad which returns from across the town
Happens only on TV

Looking at this creature's face
We thought, maybe it's an heir
So after much consideration and thought
To lake gardens, we sent the 'spare'

Alas, alas, again and again
And after countless times
Toady returned, fatter to our chagrin
We gave up transporting the slime

And then it came, that fateful day
Cousin crying, with a plea
"I need a nice fat amphibian
To dissect in Biology"

I looked at Dad, Dad looked at me
This is better than we have dreamt
To finally test the 'Homing Theory'
Toady became the sacrificial lamb

Day after day, and before bed at night
I checked for Toady's return
But never again, did we see his likes
Admittedly, a little guilt burned

So amazing are God's creations
Even the repulsive toad
So in honour of this faithful beast
I dedicate this ode


poohbearee said...

Nice poem. Is the narration true?

Jonzz said...

Yup, it's a true story. Just thought I put it in a poem.

me said...

your poetry is absolutely beautiful, as always. but you made me feel a little sad for toady. may he be happy wherever he is, having sacrificed himself to test your homing theory. *sniff*

Las montañas said...

toads arent repulsive lah! they have feelings ok! you can sometimes see the "sad" look in their eyes when they are being molested.

Jonzz said...

yup, i agree with you. i don't like the idea of harming something just because they are ugly or repulsive. My cousin was so desperate because she had a practical for her STPM Biology the next day and she didn't have her toad ready.
It's strange how things are, if a normal creature we see everyday suddenly displays unusual intelligence or compassion, it suddenly becomes 'human' or 'special'. I guess my main point for this entry is all living things are equally special and should not be carelessly treated.

Sweat.. toads aren't repulsive... Why don't u open a stall in a street for a Toad-petting session and see how many people would eagerly come forward?
Oh my gosh, do you always come across people molesting toads? And what do you mean by molesting toads?

Annie said...

*squash* ewwww, I think I stepped on something green with big teeth and a bandana. Um.. sorry?

Blur Annie didn't understand the poem. Is toady dead or did he run away or did he get dissected. I'm so cornfused.

Maybe if Pooh and ME kiss the toad, he will turn back into Prince, yes?

Jonzz said...

annie: My cousin needed to dissect a frog for the practical part of her Biology paper and it was the next day (Gah, procrastination..) So yes, he was dissected.

poohbearee said...

Annie!!!!! u r asking me to kiss a toad???? i dunno abt ME, but no way i am kissing a toad. urrghhssss.
a metaphor is something else altogether cos pooh is not shallow. but not a REAL croaking toad by the pond.

Annie said...

*GASP* She dissected a pet toad! You people are BARBARIANS! I'm just beside myself. I can't breathe, I think I'm about to faint. Oh, wait. No. I'm fine.

Jonzz said...

pooh, annie: *sweat* when did this turn into a toad kissing session?

me said...

the very thought gives me goosebumps, annie. i may be sympathetic and i may have emphaty, but if there is a choice between me giving the toad mouth to mouth resuscitation and him choking to death, i fear i will have to give him a proper burial.