Thursday, November 9, 2006

The 'Jonzz?' Contest Results

Hmm, it seems many people are interested in my pseudonym, judging by the contest entries. Okay, here's what you've been waiting for:

Firstly, let me stress that I don't want an English name. I never have and probably never will. I just can't think of a unique English name. I mean, throw a stone, and you'll probably hit a John or a Jonathan. Nope, nope, not unique, not special, no suitable English name for me.

However, I make a little exception for the French equivalent 'Jean'. LOL, sounds like the name of a certain bald captain from Star Trek's USS Enterprise, Captain Jean Luc Picard. Jean sounds way cooler. However, it's still rather common, especially in France.

After much searching and debating, I found 'Jonzz'. Yes, it is an inspiration drawn from the name of the DC superhero's name. The Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz. (Please note the spelling. Mind you, it is rude to spell a name wrongly. Humans don't like it, neither do Martians) Nice ring on the tongue. Jonzz... sounds cool too. Like the crackling sound of electricity... zzzzzzz. Oops... sorry, getting sidetracked here.

OK, now back to the contest. Firstly, *ahem* in the interest of fair play and promoting future healthy competition, the judge has decided to introduce the following unbiased criteria for evaluating the participants' entries:
  1. Every correct guess or comment will be given 2 points.
  2. Every wrong assumption or incorrect guess will result in a deduction of 1 point.
  3. However, the judge has decided that a bonus of 1 point will be awarded for creative effort.

As always, the judge's decision is final. Let's have a look at each of the participants' entries:

Participant No. 1 from the woods of Christopher Robin, Miss Poohbearee :
  • You name should be John, Jonathan, or something along that line. Jon is short form. (wrong, -1 points)
  • As for zz. I already mentioned before u r telling is u like to SLEEP.(yawn... please -1 points)
  • u r john jonzz the dunno wat martian manhunter from some comic. *takes a bow*"(You sound so undecided. I am certainly not the martian manhunter, I am merely inspired by his name. However, the judge has re-considered and give u 2 points for that good effort in supporting Google Search)
  • I want to add something. u r joh jonzz also becos u like comics and u like to hv telepathic powers.(Nice try but very presumptious presumptuous, -2 points)
  • i mean john jonzz. typo (Tsk... tsk... after so many times, the spelling is still wrong, -1 point)
And the total score for Miss Poohbearee is *drum roll* -3 points. Clap please...

Participant No. 2 from the mountains of Lion City, LM :
  • Join Our Nonsensical Zealot Zoo (so wrong, I may be a zealot but I can't afford a zoo therefore -1 point, but the judge have decided to reward you 1 point for cracking your head for that creative yet crappy effort)
  • I think JONZZ stands for Jabatan Orang .. something(Wrong again -1 point, Lazy and incomplete answer, no points for creative effort)
And the mountain man gets a total of -1 points. Mexican wave please...

Participant No. 3 who commented all the way from USA, the Mighty Ms Annie :
  • Indiana Jonzz (sigh, wrong answer -1 point)
  • J = Jacking, O = Off, N = Nonstop, Z = Zestfully,Z = the extra Z is because he's stuttering. (wrong answer -1 point but you made the judge laugh so 1 point for creative effort)
And mighty Annie gets a total of -1 points. Clap, clap, clap...

Participant No. 4, my good buddy (and partner in crime), DuZhai
  • Jargon Of Nonsensical Zippy Zips. (wrong answer, tsk tsk... -1 point, What on earth is zippy zips? So nonsensical... Oh I see, 1 point for creative effort. )
And DuZhai gets a total of zero points. We may have a winner here...

Oh wait! We have a last minute participant, *drum roll please*
Participant No. 5, from the urban jungles of Australia, Mr Ian Liew:
  • Janitor Of New Zealand Zoo (Wrong answer -1 point ... and please, everyone knows who the janitor of New Zealand Zoo is, and I don't want to steal people's job... so, you get no points for creative effort)
Anyhow, Mr Ian Liew gets a total of -1 points. Clap please for his generous participation.

Well, since DuZhai is obviously in cahoots with me, he is disqualified from participating. Let's see... and the winner is... WAIT... we have a tie... no... WAIT! Oh my gosh!!! A three way tie; 3 winners *gasp*: the winners are LM, mighty Annie and Mr Ian Liew! Congratulations!!!!

And as promised, in my next blog entry, I will dedicate an ode to the winners with all the bangs and frills.


me said...

i would have tot pooh was the winner since her answer came closest. nevermind the multiple entries, you don't add points together for all the entries, you should have individual points for individual entries, regardless of the no. of times she tried. more fair mah. she should be rewarded for her zeal (is this word correct?) in trying. this contest is rigged!!!!! recount of points!!! *runs away before i'm punished for being a talkative bystander*

Jonzz said...

me: argh! talkative bystander... Judge's decision is final! (lol, seriously, why take it so seriously?) Life's already stressful enough.

just me said...

wow,so creative awarding of marks..
I will let you prepare my marking scheme for my students' coming test, ok?

Las montañas said...

yay! I've won!!!!

Annie said...

*pushing Monty into the ditch* I won! I won! I won!!! Sorry Poohbee, it's every woman to herself. I'm selfish and self-centered that way....

Where's my prize? I want a picture of Jonzz plastered on the next blog!!!! Do I hear agreement on this?


poohbearee said...


What kind of outcome of a contest is this! I am absolutely correct in all my guesses abt u. U know it. Grrrrr.....

Ok to give u some credit for the creative twist in the results. I had a good laugh myself. Smart chap! But u still owe me one. Rem!

Heee...I bet u all gotta miss me *wide grin*
Gd nite!

me said...

support! support ms annie!!!! pictures! pictures! pictures!

Jonzz said...

just me: i thought u were ME's second nick. Hi Hi... Prepare your marking scheme? No lar they'll get a heart attack.

LM: yay, you won! where's my treat?

annie: your prize is I put a pretty picture up there instead of Calvin digging his nose.

poohb: Judge is always right. Pooh is always wrong. That's life. HA HA

me: wish you shall. think you can get. support you shall need but picture you not get. (wa ha ha lame yoda impression)