Monday, November 13, 2006

A Little Cheer For You

Lately, as I surf the blogosphere, I've noticed quite a number of my links and related links are going through difficult times. So here I want to share a silly picture and a familiar poem of encouragement:

Play it Again, Dog!


When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you are trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh.

When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but do not quit.
Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won had he stuck it out.

Don't give up though the pace seems slow -
You may succeed with another blow.
Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt.

And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far.
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit -
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.

Author Unknown


Annie said...

.. and when totally undone,
just pick up a gun...
and shoot your laptop
inside out.


Las montañas said...

You know, they should ban guns in Washington, if that hasn't been done. ;)

Just feel like strangling some colleagues today.. just moronic in their thoughts and actions. Going to take a deeep breath. ahh good. thanks for not lashing out at them!

me said...

i like annie's approach.....though i dunno what her laptop did to her. give me humour anytime.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Was truly blessed.

Annie said...

Guns not outlawed in Washington, but smoking is. Go figure the logic there. LOL! Bang Bang you dead.

Nothing wrong with laptop, just needed a rhyme.. yak yak yak.

Annie said...

Am I the only one who gets the "secure alert" pop-up twice when leaving comments on Beta Blogs? Anybody got a remedy for this?

serendipity said...

annie, i wonder what happened to your comment box? mine has been working fine....maybe you wanna send an email to blogger to ask about the problem?

jonzz: that's very sweet of you. :)

Anonymous said...

This comment is just to piss Jon off.

Well done soldier. En Garde!

Actually this is Ian. LOL!

me said...

i get that too...i think. just click on it twice! don't waste your brain cells on it. *grins*

me said...

actually, no. i only got it once. must be an anti-annie alert system.

Annie said...

Is Serendipity trying to imply it's Annie who has a problem? LOL!
*pulling her hair snapping her neck back*

It's the avatars it doesn't like guys got virus inducing avatars or something? blah! Hyper sensitive is what Beta is. but *pout* I like the double side bar thing and the categories. :(