Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Melancholic Musings: Getting Older

It's funny. When you have a melancholic personality like me, one day, you'll be up in cloud nine, the next day, you're drowning in the seas of depression. I was quite busy the past two days, hanging out with an old friend. And I also got a lot of crap from unexpected quarters and reacted quite harshly and impulsively. So I didn't know whether to blog it yesterday because the post would probably be specific and personal. Anyway after one day, I decided that it would be more safer and neutral to express my thoughts in a poem.
Beware though, it's has dark tones. You have been warned.

Getting Older

They say when you get older
You'll get much wiser too
But I just beg to differ
Not all things are 100% true

Some become more grumpier
And even hard at heart
Expectations become much higher
Relationships easily fall apart

With years, comes much experience
Of good things and of bad
But often, we see the worst in things
The ugly and the sad

People take you for granted
It's normal when they don't think
But when you are unguarded
Nasty words are exchanged in a blink

So treasure all your loved ones
Live one day at a time
Appreciate each and every moment
Lost opportunities are a crime

Life doesn't become more easy
So to yourself be true
Don't hold on to bitterness and regret
Let every day be brand new

- the mad poet, jonzz -


me said...

looks like you are the one in need of a little cheer today. sometimes people say things they don't really mean; don't take it to heart. can't comment more cos don't know what really happened. let it pass....*grins*

ian said...

Jonzz the mad poet
Letting his heart grind
Time to look forward
And leave the sorrow behind

It takes a melancholic soul
To know another
How will we leave the hole
That, everyday I ponder

Kenny Roger
Gnawing on vegie
The salad dodger
Ambushed a wedgie

Annie said...

Newsflash - Jonzz is stoned *again*.

Thanks for the depressing poem - now I must kill you. Send a stamped-self-addressed envelope to Annie-kin @ Seattle.. and I will send you some cyanide pills. Take two and call Monty in the morning, or Ian or ME.

grammer error:
"MORE SAFER" ??? LOL.. ding ding WRONG
"More safe"
or just "SAFER"

*slapping Jonzz upside the head*
"SNAP out of IT!" Men don't get PMS. It's not possible.

Annie said...

I spelled grammar wrong, didn't I?.. :P

Shut up ME, I know you're laughing.

Jonzz said...

PMS = Philosphical Men's Seriousness

Annie said...

BTW <- By the Way, Why are comments called "splashes".. I don't get it. Am I that dense? I don't get it. :P

ian said...

It's a suggestive connotation, annie. Something perversively shaded... LOL!

Jonzz said...

when water is running in Running Waters, comments will be splashed on jonzz, WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA, *SO CRAPPY*

serendipity said...

erm, why is my avatar a FROWER?

i am not a FROWER...


i am old too. just dun tell annie. she will kill me.

Las montañas said...


is happening?

call monty? after downing the pills?

Jonzz said...

me: lol, thanks. well, nah, i try not to blog personal grievances because well, it's to obvious to the people concerned.

Ian's also a mad poet
I know this to be true
To mix Kenny's and a wedgie
You need more than super glue

Yes, it takes a loopy
To see another's plight
But having many groupies
May not make things right

Ronald McDonald
Gnawing on a French Fry
Accidently eat Kentucky
Makes the clown cry

annie: tsk tsk... you've been hanging around Monty too long... Cyanide pills indeed. You'll be serving Brugmansia tea next.

serendipity: wad icon do u want? i'm lazy so i just shrink a frower.

monty: who can understand the madness of mad annie? only time can tell..