Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Boring Weekend

My Saturday was so boring I don't even want to document it. Basically it involves irradiating myself in front of the monitor from dawn to dusk. LOL... OK, not that drastic, but close, getting there, getting there. Oh yeah, watched two new animes, Death Note and Code Geass. Cool beyond words.... Yay, new sense of purpose for the weekends. (How lame!)

Sunday morning... church... lunch... chat on the Net... feed friend's dog... go to Jusco for some shopping.... indulged in some fattening McDonald chicken foldover. Whatever made a burger company switch to pita bread is beyond me. Of course this can't beat A&W selling nasi lemak. Ha ha ha. Interesting thing today: hmm, I got the parking spot no 28 which makes me 'very prosperous' for today. Wa ha ha ha ha ha....

Behold, I am 'yee fatt' or 'very prosperous'

Note: This insane blog entry is produced by an insanely bored blogger.


Las montañas said...

Did you get to see the after-effects of that beautifying treatment from the monitor?

You really need a hobby or 2! LM must come to Seremban and get you interested in trekking! or even orchids. *evil laff*

Annie said...

*Yawn* LOL! sounds like a very relaxing, no-rush, got no where to be kind of weekend.

#28 boy, so share the wealth why don't you?

Jonzz said...

LM: don't talk big. come to seremban first, ha ha ha.

annie: this is called virtual wealth. like virtual reality. HA HA

Las montañas said...

jonzz: I don't just talk big! I mean big too! can you send me a BIG limo to pick me up from Sg? I'm adverse to lousy train journeys. ;)

Annie said...

and I require first class seats on all airlines. chop chop Jonzz. Get busy.