Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Scooby Tales

For the past ten days or so, my foremost thoughts were always for my doggy, Scooby due to his surgery. Looking at his small stature, one would hardly think he's more than 70 years old(by human standards). He looks more like a puppy now especially after that grooming/shearing session.

As I've been reminiscing, I am more conscious that this particular dog has a special place in my heart. By nature, he has that mischievous spark in his veins. He will never totally obey your commands but he will gauge your seriousness by the tone of your voice. I guess that's the 'wild' Shih-Tzu heritage running through his blood.

But one thing will always stick in my mind; his gentleness.

Let me explain. There was this girl in my neighborhood who had been stricken with rheumatoid arthritis since birth. In my mind, I had always associated arthritis with older people.

A quick check through Google defines arthritis simplistically as inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and sometimes change in structure. For this little girl, it has resulted in contorted hands and a great deal of pain.

Anyway, she absolutely adores my dog. Every evening, she and her mum will come to my house or just stop outside my gate just to play with Scooby. Strangely enough, my hyperactive pet will always greet and accommodate her affections, stopping and letting her pat him for ages, never pulling away but lavishing attention in his doggy manner.

Strange, isn't it, this capacity of animals for kindness and gentleness? Some people ask, do animals have souls? Can they think? Can they feel? To me, I believe they do have something special. Looking at my pets throughout the years, I think they are more a blessing to us then we are to them. All we do is feed them, bath them, pamper them, discipline them and make use of them. Big deal!

Well, thankfully, Scooby has recovered much of his zest after surgery. The naughty fellow snuck out of the house when I'm reversing the car out of the driveway and made me run after him in my working clothes and becoming the source of amusement for passing women joggers... LOL...

Well, hopefully, i can bring him to the vet after work today to remove his sutures and that annoying plastic cone collar. Silly dogs... but hey, that's why we love them!


me said...

70? wow! i read somewhere that people with pets are the most mentally balanced. how envious!

poohbearee said...

wwwoooww. I read from this post Jonzz is like a very sentimental, nice and thoughtful guy. *grin*

No more evil laugh from him. phew....for once.

Las montañas said...

well. should I keep a dog? no, they smell! no space too.