Sunday, November 5, 2006

Why Black?

The other day, ME raised a question, what does the choice of blog's background and colours indicate about the blogger? Actually, there are just two major reasons why I choose the colour black as my blog's background:

The first reason I adopted from this website from its FAQ under the response to the question 'Why does your site look so shitty/Why do you use such huge fonts?'. Take note that the writer of this website has a very sarcastic sense of humour, uses extremities and obscenities very generously. You have been warned. Anyway the underlying principle is this: the computer screen is not a piece of paper. When you are staring at the computer screen, you are staring at a light bulb, or a gun (cathode ray tube). It's very damaging on your eyes. It's much more comfortable to have a black background with large fonts in soft colors. Most opticians have told me that prolonged exposure to computer screens lead to astigmatism. Well, don't find it out for yourself the hard way. You have been warned again.

The second reason is simple. I like black colour. I think it's cool. Black colour rocks, ha ha.


Annie said...

That's probably another reason I chose my black background Jonzz.. it seems less "busy" on the eyes.. but your explanation sounds more scientific. Must be the geek in you.

poohbearee said...

Hmmm...did u say the writer uses "extremities and obsenities very generously"?

Tot u just menioned your blog is sacred. U men ah, so full of contradictions.


ian said...

I agreed with you mon. However many complained that reading them in black background drains their eyes.

I ended up choosing a grey background instead. LOL!

Las montañas said...

white is da best!

boy.. am i in a super grouchy mood today!

me said... are not exactly spending hours after hours reading your blog each day (or are you?!?!?!) so what difference is that 5 mins going to do to your eyes?! if you choose black and everybody chooses neon purple, green or pink, your eyes will still go blind, my friend. soooo? point not very convincing. now, if you were to say that the black background reflects the evil in your heart (obviously reflected in your ever so often evil laughter), then i'm totally convinced loh!

Jimbo said...

Personally I prefer blue...

Jonzz said...

annie: Geek rocks!

poohbearie: the wind is blowing north but you are looking south.

ian: lol, playing it safe, choosing the middle ground, eh.

LM: hmmm, a grouchy comment, can it be taken at face value, lol!

me: *wink*

jimbo: Blue... then why is your blog grey?