Thursday, December 7, 2006


Bewilderedness fills my eyes as I witness the scientists drag Jonzz from the chair. His eyes are droopy and his facial expressions tell me how much consciousness they drain out of him. I try to break out from the glass capsule by thumping my fists against it as hard as I can but to no avail. The men in white lab coats leave the laboratory with their hostage as the air tight door opens.

It then strikes me that I had my swiss army knife hidden in my sock. The scientists did not find it when they took our belongings. Pushing out the sturdiest knife it carries, I lay the sharp point on the glass wall by holding it with one hand. Taking in a deep breath, I hurl my other palm towards the end of the hilt with all my might can conjure. Pain jolts through my right palm all the way to the shoulder. But the sight of a crack sprouting across the glass wall takes precedence over the excruciating sensation. I waste no time in adding a few kicks to break the capsule. Brushing off the debris on my shoulders, I dart out of the lab.

The scientists said something about transporting Jonzz earlier. Seeing his abandoned shoe in the corridor confirms that they have taken him to the take off bay. I turn into a different corridor, and hear Jonzz howling for help. By the time I reach the end of the corridor into the open, it is too late. The scientists have removed their lab coats and disguise, revealing skin of slime and scales. Jonzz has pretty much regained his consciousness by then and he is struggling as hard as he can from their strong grasps.

Seeing me nearing them, one of the aliens launches a blob of slime towards me from its forehead. The blob that hits me is so powerfully thrown that I am sent flying to the wall, stuck. Behind them rests a gigantic spaceship, which I only notice after it opens its ramp. Yelling out for Jonzz, I fail to move a limb. The slimy blob has hardened. I find myself cemented to the wall. With great desperation in his eyes, he knows he can no longer escape the alien abduction.

"Ian! Guest blog for me while I'm away. I'll be back. I promise!"

I tighten my lips and nod as I see the last of Jonzz when the ramp closes up. The ship levitates in the most silent manner and hovers in the air for a couple of minutes before it launches itself space bound. The hardened blob around me disintegrates into styrofoam to my surprise. I wriggle my way out of captivity and look aimlessly into the sky...

What kinds of experiment will they do to him, I wonder.

Written by Ian Liew

Note: Actually, the owner of this blog has left for a church camp and will return this coming Sunday. Let's look forward to what changes the aliens do to him. Perhaps a longer appendage somewhere? Hmm? LOL!


Las montañas said...

not only longer, but the accompanying companion part also bigger and rounder.

me said...

what is monty talking about?!?! naughty monty.

so, that's where jonzz went. shall we ....erm......explode his comment box a little?

me said...

he told us he was going to camp! probably a little shamed to reveal about the sexual exploitations the aliens performed on him. please do continue, mr ian.

me said...

it's a season to be jolly, tra la la la la la la la la

me said...

u think jonzz will mind? nahhhhhhhh.

me said...

do you think i can erase the part where i initiated this plot? it's all there in black and white! he'll know it's me! *panicking now* help guys!

me said...

so, ian, what did you have to do to get jonzz's password? drip some blood into a cup, spit some sputum and down it all? comeon, this is the season of sharing. how about sharing his password? *raise eyebrow* i've got loads of things i will like to post in this nice little blog. you think sexy women in lingerie goes well with the black background?

me said...

sigh! it's so lonely here, all by myself, in this big empty comment box. have i done enough damage? 7. i think enough for now. continuing to trek the journey to other blogs. TTFN. ta ta for now.

Ianfluenza said...

LOL! You've gotten back your terrorising itch eh?

Jonzz didn't give me his password. He just authorised me as a contributor in his blog. So I can actually enter the blog and add entries.

Jonzz might panick if you change his background into one with a woman in sexy lingerie.. LOL!

Las montañas said...

aiyah.. don't do half half things lah! either fully dressed, or the total opposite!

Annie said...



Have no fear, Sexy blog is here! No more misinterpreting this blog as a Kids' blog! HA!
Oh yes... Victoria Secret's here we come!!!
Bra's, panties and sexy little teddy's.... All here at Jonzz Blogorama!