Thursday, December 7, 2006

Blogging Break

Well, I won't be online for the next few days so thought I'll just pen something mushy here for all my blogger pals!

Jonzz will be on a blogging break
To become a helper he must go
To join a camp of screaming teens
Before Christmas, HO HO HO

So do take care, ya hear
And no need to feel blue
Although I'll be miles away at camp
I'll still be missing you!

See ya Sunday, guys!


Las montañas said...



Camp ada wifi? got bring laptop?

Jonzz said...

Maybe I'll train some homing pigeons and send them back to shit some messages on Ian's car (ha ha ha ha) but chances are, I'll be back earlier and Ian will write a 'Nemesis II' entry.

me said...

i pity the kids....*shaking head*

Annie said...

What? Whaaaa??? Jonzz is going to HO himself? I hope it's worth it.

They have camps in Malaysia to train to be a HO? :P


Annie said...

Good on ya mate.. always good to have a back-up job.

titoki said...

OMG, my best friend is also away for camp with teens!!! Maybe you two know each other!!! ;p