Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas, Crabs, Cholesterol and Camps

I haven't been really blogging since Saturday. The Christmas season has been a non-stop cycle of working during the day, and dinner and merriment at night. My church is organized into different cell groups and almost every group had organized a dinner party. I was not affiliated with any of these groups but had the honour of being invited to three of these dinners. Of course, I also had the unenviable honour of becoming the last minute guitarist when the need for carolling arises. LOL... thank God for those years when I played guitar for carolling three nights in a row. Ah, those painful memories on steel strings! Ouch ouch ouch!

Ah, Monday was a day of feasting. My church did not have a Christmas service since it fell on a Monday. Feeling a tad greedy, I grabbed a friend out for some dim sum. Somehow, eating dim sum always gives me the impression of being an old person's pastime, where you eat, drink tea and chat for hours and hours. At night, another friend invited me out for some crab. Mmmm... I never knew Marmite Crab tasted so good. And don't get me started on Cheese Crab. The waitress cracked up Duzhai by the way she pronounced 'Cheesy Crab' in Cantonese. My cholesterol level went up many a notch on Christmas day. Ho ho ho!

I was feeling rather in a Christmassy mood that so I bought my two cute baby nephews a present each; one was the Lighning-car fella from the 'Cars' animated movie and another a very loud automated fish. Babies are very cute and fun to play with when you're not the parents. I may have a soft spot for babies but I'm not soft in the head... yet... He he he!

On Wednesday and Thursday, I went for a camp organized for the youths in my church. I had to apply last minute leave for this last minute camp. It was a fun camp with no talks and workshops; just eating, barbequing, joking and playing Pictionary. Ahh, Pictionary became a war of the genders during the camp: Guys 3 Gals 2. Ha ha ha ha, don't underestimate the guys!

OK, all in all, a very relaxing week and a good break from staring at ye olde CRT. I had to work one day today. But then next Monday and Tuesday are also holidays! Hallelujah!

OK, enough rambling; back to more serious holiday planning.


poohbearee said...

I love pictionary!
Nice to hear u enjoyed the hols:)

Happy New Year!

Ianfluenza said...

Sorry dude... I'll let you know about the details soon... Tll then, have a good NEW YEAR celebration...

Las montañas said...

timsum are sinful! only for me. Remembered eating them in guangzhou, woooow! all the siewmai oozing with lard! how can one not resist!?

just me said...

All this feasting and merriment...stepped on the scale yet?

Jonzz said...

poohbearee: yes, pictionary is my favourite next to scrabble.

ian: hehe, no prob

LM: they so sinful it's sinful not to eat them

just me: the scale broke, =(