Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Dinner

Last night, I went for the office Christmas dinner at one of the 'classier' western restaurants in Seremban. Seriously, I'm so burnt out the past couple of weeks. And getting so much crap from insurance companies and bills, gah! I was almost tempted to give it a miss but heck, they needed a guitarist, and it's Christmas, ho ho ho!

Jimbo was there too, so at least I had a partner in crime to trade whacky jokes with. And in case you're thinking (maybe Jimbo is the blogger I went out with), nope, nope, nope... I know him from way before. So back to my dinner.

Starters were bread and butter, followed by a shrimp cocktail. I teased Jimbo's son who kept using his multiple super attack gestures at me. Then we started off with a few carols. Man, I'm so rusty right now. I hate playing songs to the key of 'F'. Makes my hand ache and my head spin with all the bar chords.

Anyway, we went on to our main meal. I had lamb. Mmmmm.... tasty. Just to show how ignorant I am about red meat, I asked for mint sauce with lamb. Sacrilege! Mint sauce with roast lamb! Note to self, mutton is mutton, lamb is lamb. Mutton is goat. Lamb is sheep. *Knock self on head*

Then we had the standard lucky draw. The more valuable prizes were tagged with stars so whoever got them had to do an impromptu presentation in songs or jokes to 'earn' their prize. Of course, the more popular staff became victims as well.

As you may have noticed I have a slight preoccupation with numbers of late. I got the number '6' or was it '9'. Here I must advise you. With certain fonts, you can never tell the difference between these numbers. Anyway, I opted to collect it earlier, so I took 6. Yippee, I got a cute little iron, which I probably can't use now, so I'll put it in the storeroom for now with the rest of my treasures.

After that, some of the 'victims' sang some karaoke. I grew a bit impatient as I had to leave to attend to a personal errand. All in all, the dinner took 3 hours.

During dinner, I received two additional dinner invitations for the week. (Yay, I'm so happy I'm remembered) Looks like Malaysia is gonna be 'blessed' with another Santa Claus soon!

Merry Christmas!


titoki said...

Merry X'mas to you too!!! :)

Las montañas said...

aiyoh.. its jimbo say jimbo lah! hello uncle jimbo! ;)

wats wrong with having mint sauce for lamb?

Jimbo said...

It wasn't me! Swear upon my 6th form dissection rats mass graves!
And jonzz, sure you got invited meh? Or you GOT YOURSELF invited?! Good la, we can meet somemore and trade lame jokes! :-O

poohbearee said...

Jonzz is sure a popular guy:)
Enjoy your dinners. And Santa-wanna-be, rem our presents. heehee

eve said...

hi , first time here...so u are from Seremban too...errr..my kampung oso seremban , now staying in PJ...just wanna wish u a very merry xmas n a happy new year..

Jonzz said...

titoki: Merry Christmas to you too!

LM: tastes weird with roast lamb or was it fried? LOL, omg I'm bad at this!

jimbo: don't say say only. must go!

poohbearee: not popular lar, ha ha ha. impossible!

eve: hi eve! Merry Christmas to you too!