Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I Have A Kiddy Blog!

Yesterday I was chatting with another blogger over MSN and she made this most interesting comment. 'When I saw your blog, I thought it was a small kid's blog!'. Hmm...

Sitting back, analyzing my blog from this fresh new perspective, I've gotta give her credit; She's right. I mean:

  • A messy layout with tons of gadgetry stuff
  • Cutesy graphic avatars for my links
  • The lack of 'serious discussions'
  • Cute counters
LOL, this blog has become this extension of me; a kiddy side. Ha ha ha, no wonder Annie says I sound like a 13 year old. Well, she may be jesting, but I always believe behind every joke, there is a hint of truth.

Anyway, I will be disappearing for the rest of the week. Hmm, I must contemplate this... Kiddy blog, he he he, that's quite a priceless observation.


Annie said...

My honest opinion Jonzz? I don't know what age your friend is or the amount of experience with blogging, graphics and html? I can tell you a kid's blog is NOT what I see. What I see and saw from the first time that I viewed your blog was:
"This guy CARES about the appearance of his blog and he is very creative." Details are put into it. The art on the header, the avatar means something to you. I've been dealing with html on this blogger template and it's HARD to figure out. How the heck you got your cliparts next to the links in that size?

No, Jonzz. It's not a kid's blog. Honestly, I think you're about age 23 to be honest. If you were 33yo with kids, mortgage, you wouldn't have the time to decorate your blog.

Your blog is a piece of art. It should be appreciated for the art that it is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different perspective DEPENDING on what their background is. I enjoy coming to your blog. I feel "welcomed" and relaxed.

Reality has enough serious crap, I come to blog to escape.

You want serious issues, I can blog all day about that. I can talk about the death of my parent or my child's disability and make everybody cry and pity me. I don't care to go into that... and YOU choose what you want to blog.

You blog any differently Jonzz? I guarantee, you'll end up with different readers. If you enjoy the readers and the interaction you're currently getting? Then keep doing what you're doing.

Take your friend's perspective as simply that. HER opinion. Opinions do NOT equal truth.

Now, I'm giving you a kick in the shin for making me feel 38 years old. *kick*

A *hug* and a *kiss on the cheek* Jonzz. You're doing just fine. I love your blog. :D

Ianfluenza said...

WHOA..... Jonzz kembang kau kau liao!

Annie said...

hey HEY..!! HEY! speak English. Not fair *shaking Ian*

:P Nyah

poohbearee said...

LOL. I also dunno wat Ian means.

Jonzz, my perception:
You din mind your blog is a 'small kid's blog' at all. You seemed to be more amused by that remark. And a little pleased?

I like your blog and the things you blog about. Witty and do not seem pretentious at all. (My friend who reads your blog behind the scene says so also) Your layout and all the gadgetry stuff, is something I dunno how to do. *envious*

Las montañas said...

Where would you be going for the week? A 'hot' getaway? oops :P

and why is Ian wrapped up like that!? is he going to start wearing a burga next?

Jonzz said...

annie: thanks for all the nice words. I think it's all just a point of view. Not a big deal. I do treat the blog like a scrapbook of sorts, cartoons, poems, etc.. decorating it... well, it just feels like something a kid would do. Albeit a big one.

Let's translate Ian's lingo for everyone's benefit:
1. kembang = Malay word for expand/swell up
2. kau kau = 'kau' is the sound for concentrated like 'kopi kau'. It's a chinese dialect, cantonese I believe.
What he meant was I swell up max max by Annie's praise.
Dang you Ian, make me type so much. Just you wait! HA HA.

poohbearee: wah, thank you. Thank your friend for that compliment also. Shucks, now I really 'kembang

LM: I'm off to help out in some Youth Camp. Ian is dressed like dat cos he wants to be some ninja-wannabe but he has no costume only a turtleneck. WAKAKAK.

Las montañas said...

I thot ian realised he is baring too much legs and is therefore dressing up like the 'ninja' crowds in bolehland. :) but its good lah, cover all your modesty. so there, ian in traditional burga, and please cover up the hair too!

titoki said...


Annie said...

Awwwee Sooooo - compliments make Jonzz head big? Everyone could use a compliment every once in a while. They're free to give away.

My theory about Ian's current fashion statement: Not only did he get a bruise on his eye, I bet the husband of the dame he rescued punched him and now he's got a fat lip and stitches - hence the cover up. ?Close?