Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Laziness Maximus

Too much food and too much Christmas spirit
Has rendered this blogger too lazy to blog at the moment
I'm off to a one day camp
Hopefully I'll be back in the mood after i come back
Til then, ciaoz and Happy New Year all!


titoki said...

Enjoy your trip!!! :)

And don't miss me!!! ;p

Annie said...

Lazy? You? What - where's the blog? What's this about too much food? Why are you NOT sharing this food? Pah!

Come back and entertain me. Geez, can't rely on anybody anymore.

*flicking hair and stomping away*

poohbearee said...

Annie: Heee...U really make me laugh:) I can imagine u stomping away. LOL

Jonzz: Pleeeease hv the mood to blog:)
Wat camp u going? Enjoy your hols and Happy New Year to you!

just me said...

Happy New Year!

Hope you enjoyed your camp

Annie said...

Whaaaa? still no new blog entry? Pah!

At least *I* have an excuse. What's yours? mmmmmm?
I'm listening.

Jonzz said...

titoki: thanks

annie: muahaha

poohbearee: nvr fear, I'm back!

just me: thanks

annie: muahaha again!