Friday, December 15, 2006

First Blogger Meeting

Today, I had lunch with another blogger whose identity I shall not reveal. Needless to say, I discovered this person's close proximity while surfing through other fellow bloggers' blogs.

Anyway, boldly, I invited this person for lunch today and the other person agreed. I jokingly added, 'I hope you won't be disappointed if you see a balding middle aged man with a paunch though'. Later, this person told me, 'Well, that's a typical stalker description.' Sweat!

So there we were sitting in the food court, having economy rice. Earlier I noticed some of my colleagues nearby but hoped they will not venture to come and ask questions about my companion.

Generally, it was a very relaxed lunch. I had the opportunity to be narcisstic, since this person thought I was the same age and kept referring to me as 'Boy'. Though I don't like the title 'Uncle', the title 'Boy' was a bit more jarring. Suffice to say, I cleared all confusion in a 'diplomatic' manner.

Apparently, it was a day for making all sorts of wrong impressions. When lunch time was nearly over, my colleague suddenly appeared next to me. "Hey, can you borrow RM100? My car tyre is punctured." Sweat... I quickly made the exchange and explained to my blogger friend, 'Uh, this does not happen everyday, okay?'. LOL!

Guys, if I ever say 'LOL' in real life, please send me for OAT(Online Addict Therapy).

Anyway, it was a rather pleasant meeting.

People need a change once in a while and making friends with a fellow blogger can be a refreshing experience.


Anonymous said...

Was it me? hmm i remembered I was in seremban during my lunchtime siesta. LM

poohbearee said...

wow..u even know where the blogger stay. *gasp*

Annie said...

Damn it Jonzz, you said you'd keep our blogger meet a secret.


Be honest, you sent a friend in your place to act as you.

Annie said...

Middle-aged? Oh geez, now I thought you were 23yo... Are you like 43yo?

me said...

why so secretive? why don't say your blogger friend boy or girl? a little detail here, a little there....too suspenseful!

Jonzz said...

LOL, aiyo must be secretive lar. Or else no suspense anymore di.

goodshithappens said...

i'd met some blogger friends before - and have since become good friends with them! =))