Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Christmas Poem

It's Christmas day, that time of year
When we're supposed to spread the joy and cheer
Decorate bright Christmas trees
Exchange presents and carols
Enjoy fattening feasts
And maybe beer in barrels

But looking around, what do you see
Crimes prevail so rampantly
We read of floods and evacuees
Can one still think of pleasantries?

The problem lies not in things around
But in our hearts, can the answer be found
Because Christmas is not about Santa Claus
Or dwelling on what we don't have or lost
But it's about a gift given many years ago
In Bethlehem under a special star's glow
Where every man would be given a chance to be
No longer bound but forgiven and free
To learn God's peace, even in enmity
And receive the hope of eternity

Merry Christmas!

-Mad poet Jonzz strikes again-


Las montañas said...

The greatest gift of all.

Have a blessed Christmas!

poohbearee said...

Blessed Christmas to u too!

Meaningful poem.

Jimbo said...

Aiya you beat me to it in terms of publishing a Christmas article. :-(

just me said...

Blessed let your poem be accompanied with your guitar strumming...

Kok Hon said...

nice poem...

Annie said...

I need a tissue.


"You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one "

Annie said...

Interpretation of Jonzz's new Scooby collage on his header:
Starting Top-left to right:
1. Wow man, is that a HOT looking mama pooch across the street there?

2. I'm listening with one ear, honest. You are my Master.

3. Nyah... kiss my ass.

4. Yes sir. I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to eat your shoe sir.

5. I just got sick all over your computer keyboard. I'm sorry.

6. These drugs you gave me for my surgery is awesome dude.. you're like spinning!

7. Wow man, check out that a HOT looking mama pooch!

8. You don't feed me, I kill you! Do we understand each other? Do WE?

Ianfluenza said...

Well done man... All girls will flock here... LOL!

Jonzz said...

Merry Christmas to all and Ian, don't be cheeky!