Friday, December 22, 2006

My New Banner: Annie's Comments

Yesterday, I decided to change my banner to give my blog a cheerier feel. Yes, what better way to promote Christmas cheer than with a collage of my notorious poochy ambassador, Scooby. Then Annie left a lengthy but interesting interpretation of the 'humongous' banner. So being the lazy blogger that I am, I'm publishing her comments for your reading pleasure. Oh, and thanks, Annie (evil laugh) . . .

Annie said...

Interpretation of Jonzz's new Scooby collage on his header:
Starting Top-left to right:

1. Wow man, is that a HOT looking mama pooch across the street there?

2. I'm listening with one ear, honest. You are my Master.

3. Nyah... kiss my ass.

4. Yes sir. I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to eat your shoe sir.


5. I just got sick all over your computer keyboard. I'm sorry.

6. These drugs you gave me for my surgery is awesome dude.. you're like spinning!

7. Wow man, check out that a HOT looking mama pooch!

8. You don't feed me, I kill you! Do we understand each other? Do WE?


Las montañas said...

That's annie. she's incorrigible

Jimbo said...

It's hilarious! Totally!!!! :-)

Annie said...

You're laughing because you KNOW I'M RIGHT! Don't you! It's exactly what Scooby's thinking!

I was possessed by the talking puppy. Honest, he speaks to me. I can read body language - no need to speak or in this case, bark.. It's all in the eyes and ears and well, you get the drift.

He's got "Jonzz is my slave owner" written all over him..LOL! He's too cute, but he's got Jonzz all figured out. I bet he gets everything he wants.

who LOVES puppies doggies

Jonzz said...

Oh my gosh, he's not a puppy! He's 10++ years old. He's a dog in disguise.