Thursday, December 14, 2006

Obsession with the Office Door

I have a hyperactive imagination. I like to think of various possibilities and scenarios, and imagine all sorts of stuff. Some may say it is a good thing since it signifies creativity. I beg to differ.

I have been at this job for about 9 months already. I've been occupying this little room filled with computers, parts, and other odds and ends. My room lies at the end of the corridor where there is little or no wind. Unlike the other lecturers, the cleaning ladies have yet to block the window at the side of my door with a curtain, so I can view outside my door with ease and vice versa.

Anyway, for the past two weeks, my room door has been playing tricks with my imagination either due to my boredom or I'm starting to become paranoid with old age. In the late evening as after office hours, I have suddenly become conscious that occasionally the stupid door opens or closes, or the knob just clicks as if someone was opening it. However, when I look outside, there is nobody. I've double checked the door's weight and swingability but I'm not convinced it's the wind. The stormy weather that comes mostly in the evening theses days just adds to the creepy ambience. To compound it, now is the holiday season and most of the lecturers are not around.

So yours truly's mind has been toying with crazy ideas, 'Hmm, ghosts? dang, as if I don't have enough problems already'. Sigh, I need to go for another break.

Editor's Note: I think I shall take a picture of the door this evening and post it up. Brrrrrr.... on the other hand, better not. Wa ha ha ha ha ha! (oops, do I sound insane?)


Anonymous said...

You don't want to mess around with the unseen!

Have of poltergeists? *shiver*

poohbearee said...

U sound like u r v bored. Find something to do.

titoki said...


It's right behind you!!!

just me said...

Whatever you thought it was wants a lecture from you , perhaps?

Btw, what do you lecture?

Jonzz said...

I don't lecture. I just mess up the computer systems.

LM said...

jonzz, I have a messed up computer. shows blue screen. can you come up and fix it? thanks.


titoki said...

Update laa. GOT NOTHING TO READ LIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bernard said...

Go see rojaks' blog for a possible cause. Hehe.

Am idle mind is the devil's workshop.

Annie said...

Dude... you describe your office like it's outside .. like a outhouse or something.

I think you need to sleep more because your imagination is getting really scary.

Now, got help Monty.