Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tag #2: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

I'm doing my second tag now. Doing two tags in a row makes it feel like school assignments. Or maybe it's due to the fact that my tagger, just me, happens to be in the teaching profession(If not, aiks, don't punish me! *holding ears*)

OK, I admit it. That was lame. Anyway, these are 5 things which hopefully, you don't know about me:

  1. I used to be afraid of dogs. And I've been bitten three times by dogs before. One was my uncle's Old English Sheepdog which was a bit blind in his old age so it played 'chew the bone' with my right palm before it recognized me. The other two were dogs given by other people to my family. They were pretty insecure so I got a bite or two out of them. But strangely, I grew out of that fear. And now of course, I have Scooby, the silly dog in my banner.
  2. I like silver and crystals. I have no idea why but I always can sense a strange but pleasant feeling of coolness whenever I'm near a crystal shop. Guess I'm like a magpie. Ha ha ha, well, my only grouse is most of these accessories are designed more for ladies than men. Humphhh... where's the macho stuff, LOL!
  3. I can manipulate my dreams once I am conscious it's a dream. I can explicitly recall certain dreams days after it has occurred with a little effort. What do I mean by manipulate? Example: once I had this stupid plane hijacking dream, and we were hiding from the terrorists. Suddenly, I realized that the whole thing was so ridicuous that it must be a dream. In a moment of silly inspiration, I changed one of the people in the dream into someone who had pissed me off for the longest time and beat him up. (Well, it's just a dream, right... may as well take full advantage of it.)
  4. I greatly desired to be a songwriter-musician or a comic artist. Why am I in IT? LOL, my parents said it doesn't pay well. So to all you parents out there, remember you have an impact on your children by what you say to them in their childhood.
  5. Today I play guitar by feel(or is it play by ear) although I was originally classically trained. I started learning guitar when I was in Standard Three but I don't think it was good timing because I was too young to comprehend the concepts and the theory. The teacher also explained most of the terms in chinese so it was Greek to me. There were times when I cheated on the teacher by memorizing the entire song by memorizing his fingering. So after many years, I can still replay complicated songs from finger memory.
OK lar, I'm tired of tags for the moment so I will not tag anyone today.


Las montañas said...

wow, interesting facts!

I like crystals too! But I have got no money to indulge in citrine, sapphire, onyx and other sun stones. seremban got shops selling ornot?

And when is the meeting ian second version going to be published?

me said...

hey, i know one of the 'things you don't know about me'. i think that's a nice feeling, knowing something about somebody that supposedly others don't. makes me feel special; along with the hundred other friends you have already told :-p but at least that puts us in the friends category (and not habis like you used to term us. kakaka)

you know what you can do with the crystal? hang it on your hp? nah, still too girly. crush it up and fill it into a pendant-container thingy you can wear around your neck? that may work, provided it still has the same feel all crushed up. *grins*

Las montañas said...

ya.. till now, I still don't understand why jonzz labelled us under the 'habis' category.. hmmff!

goodshithappens said...

looks like u have a great talent for music. why dun you try forming a band or sumthing after work? that's will definitely spice up your life coz IT is *cough*boring*cough*.

mott said...

u know what? my Inlaws said the same thing to my Hub..(who loves to draw). But now after he's done with the whole corporate working 9-5 shit..he's doing his own designs and manages his own company.

So...I think parents hv an idea..but they don't expand on it. First get your education, get a job..get to learn the ropes..then do as your heart desires! It works!

So..go for it Jonzz... draw/writesongs... don't stop dreaming!

poohbearee said...

Standard 3 means Pri 3?

You can still play the guitar and draw comics without making it your profession :)

I tried playing music by feel. I can't make it so given up. I always need scores n chords. :(

Jonzz said...

LM: it's so easy to find crystals everywhere here. Aiks, you're monitoring that. Urrr. I just have a photo to post up. LOL!

me: LOL, yeah, it's nice to know somebody outside the context of blogging. It elevates them to a more personal level. Hm, crystals. I actually have collected a few cool ones but lazy to mount them on a chain.

LM: Gosh, the abbreviation for HABIS is Highly Active Bloggers I Stalk. You're so absent minded. Grrrrrrr....

serendipity: LOL, thanks for the compliments but I don't think I'm that good. I write and play mostly for personal pleasure and introducing them to friends and in church only.

mott: Thanks, will do...

poohbearie: yup Primary 3 = Standard 3. Ah, but I want to make money now *MUA HA HA HA* evil laugh

JoMel said...

But you did not manipulate your 'robbed' dream leh? ;)

Jonzz said...

jomel: Wasn't aware it was dream. I thought it was real.

just me said...

Great sharing , thanks. You "lulus" with honours lah..haha

Music does soothe the savage beast, so they say. So knowing how to play the guitar and write poems will guarantee a soothing of more than a savage beast for you, I can guarantee you.