Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Annie's Tag: Firsts, Lasts and All That

OK, Annie, doing your tag now. Don't blame me if you get bored *Snigger*

- Firsts -

  • First Best Friend:: Myself, awwwwwww.... (Introvert, lar)
  • First movie watched in theater:: Some Jackie Chan movie my grandma took me to
  • First Crush:: Celine Dion when she came up with the album 'Colour of Love'
  • First CD/Record (Artist/Song) owned:: A Mariah Carey compilation
  • First "real" Kiss:: What's a real kiss?
  • First Place away from Parents:: Church camp
  • First Car:: This one, lol!
  • First Piercing:: Doctor's syringe, Primary 3
  • First tattoo:: What's a tattoo?

- Lasts -

  • Last Time You Smoked:: I naturally hate cigarette smells. Do BBQs count?
  • Last Food You Ate:: Nasi Lemak for breakfast
  • Last Movie You Watched:: Night at the Museum
  • Last CD You Listened To:: Josh Groban
  • Last Words You Said:: Okay.

- 7 Things You Are Wearing -
  1. Underwear
  2. Grey long sleeve shirt
  3. Dark long pants
  4. Singlet
  5. Spectacles
  6. Silver chain and cross
  7. Watch

- 6 Things You've Done Today -
  1. Took a shower
  2. Ate nasi lemak for breakfast
  3. Fed Scooby and filled his water dish
  4. Attend to computer problems
  5. Setup a computer
  6. Bought some 'achar'
  7. Answered some silly tag on my blog

- 1 Person You Want To See Right Now -
Any good friend so I can rant.


firehorse said...

OK I am the "one" person here right now, rant away. ;o)

firehorse said...

Oops didn't see the "good friend" part, phaiseh phaiseh (embarrass), I probably dun qualify but I very thick skin wan so rant away and pretend I your "good friend".

Las montañas said...

aiii.. thats jonzz.
nasi lemak: 1000 calories.

poohbearee said...

Hmmm....grey top and dark pants. Like v gloomy ;p

Now Jonzz, go home and change. Hahaha

Las montañas said...

yalor.. grey black black grey. i wonder when jonzz is going to wear neon colors! :P

mott said...

wah..I saw the NL...I am dying to eat one pkt now...!!!!

me said...

gosh! how do you ppl remember all those first times?! i can't even remember most of my firsts.

Annie said...

*yawn* cough.. LOL! Just kidding..

What's a singlet? You're wearing a singlet? mmmmm...

At least you're wearing underwear, I don't think Poohbee even mentioned underclothing in her tag.. mmmmmmm...

That's mighty clever of you, like Pooh's invisible ink answer... this "smoking a BBQ" and 'Doctor's Syringe".. very clever. I say they count, don't you? LOL!

Nasi Lemak ... is that like Oatmeal for breakfast with a lemon?
just wondering. :P

Wuching said...

nasi lemak for breakfast?

Jonzz said...

firehorse: LOL! No need to say like dat, gwa... ha ha ha ha... I'm not actually in a selective state of mind when I wrote that. A good friend simply mean one with time to spare and willingness to listen.

LM: That LM, wants me to live on water and air, only!

Poohbearie: Thou shalt not criticize my wardrobe!

LM: I'll wear neon colors on two conditions:
1. Low lighting and no electricity
2. I become color-blind

mott: Don't torture yourself. It's only 1000 calories =P. Trying to be positive, here, kakakaka

ME: aiyo, melancholic people like dat one lar... Always reminiscing...

Jonzz said...

Annie: Aha, the tagger is here!!!! Uh hum...

A singlet is what a single guy likes me wears.

LOL, if you believed that, you qualify 100% for the blur title. Wahahaha ... *Evading kick and elbow and other wannabe wrestling moves*

I think PB doesn't mention underclothing because she ... *Evading vicious kick and elbow and other wannabe Annie moves*

Phew... that was close...

Nasi Lemak is a malay word that literally translates into 'Nasi' = Rice, 'Lemak' = 'Fat'. It's rice cooked with coconut milk, pandan leaves and sometimes, ginger giving it a very fragrant smell. It's served with egg, anchovies, fried peanuts and sambal. Sambal is an Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean condiment made from chile peppers. It is thicker and richer tasting than Mexican salsa. It ranges in hotness from mildly sharp to incendiary.

Dang, Annie, just Google it, LOL!

Jonzz said...

wuching: what's wrong with Nasi Lemak for breakfast? LOL, been in Australia too long oledi?

Bernard said...

I had nasi lemak this morning toooooo!!!