Friday, January 26, 2007

Bernard's Meme: My First Time

I've been racking my head over the past few days, wondering how to do this meme by Bernard. I mean there are more than a thousand and one first times in our lives but what are those that truly counts as memorable. Then I remembered this incident which happened last year:

It was just your typical lunch hour. I went to the bank to withdraw some money. After I had performed the transaction, I turned and nearly bumped into this big-sized chap with glasses. I was about to quickly walk away when I heard my name being called.

'Jonzz, don't you recognize me?'

I turned around. Oops, turns out it was a classmate, R from primary school whom I used to sit next to.

Wow... it had been ages since we last saw each other. After a quick muttered apology, we quickly exchanged some bits and pieces of information to update one another.

It was during the course of this discussion that I discovered R is now a graphic design lecturer at a local college. I became quite curious and asked him why he chose to venture into this field.

Then he said this to me,
'Jonzz, do you remember those days in school? During the free time, you were always doodling and drawing comics at your desk. To tell the truth, I became interested in art after watching you.'
Wow! That was the first time, someone told me that I had influenced them in their choice of career. Imagine that, I actually had an impact on someone when I was just a silly kid who loved to draw. I was quite blown away by this revelation and I have to confess that deep down inside, I did swell up with pride.

How strange the way life can take a turn through the people we come in contact with. Makes me wonder, who are the other people I may have influenced in this lifetime?

I like this tag so I'm tagging Annie, Kok Hon and JoMel. What is your memorable first time(s)?


poohbearee said...

Wow, you like to draw since you were a kid! Why don't you venture into freelance design or something?

Hmmm...let's see...u r one of the persons who motivates me to continue blogging. How's that? :)

me said...

so, show us some of your drawings.

Las montañas said...

you bumped into a big size chap. And you look big size yourself! :)

You askin annie about her first time? where? better tell her that we have young readers.. like you (ermm still 13 yo right? ;)

Bernard said...

Woww... you've had an impact on people since school days!

Good story, jonzz.

Annie said...

Whaaaaa? I see my name on the tag list.. but but but.. I want to watch the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Reality show! tee hee.

Annie said...

Oh, just admit Jonzz, you asked the guy for royalties for creating for him this deep foundation to his obvious source of wealth.

you told him to "Pay Up" right?

To be a muse or not a muse...


wait. so what's the quizy thingy?

Wuching said...

i can't remember any of my first time!

just me said...

Everyday, our actions do influence people, either for the negative or positive, especially what we say to them. Scary, huh? to think we could influence someone for life....a reminder to me, as a teacher

Julee said...

the title is so misleading wan! LMAO

Jonzz said...

poohbearie: i don't think i'm that good or that it pays that well. LOL, motivate u to blog... hmm, I'm honored then.

me: done!

LM: ha ha ha

bernard: heh, well took me many years before i knew. LOL!

annie: you're right. I better 'hunt' him down. LOL!

wuching: lol, you're not the sentimental type, aren't you?

just me: i think it's the same for everyone but for a teacher, their sphere of influence is so much bigger.

julee: WHERE GOT??!!

JoMel said...

Oh gosh! I just read this tag! LOL!... ok.. I shall work on it.. Oh man, when I find time ok? I am sooooooo busy! And I seem to have a million and one thoughts up in that tiny weeny brain of mine. SIGH! By the way, I like your "first time". It is a great thing to impact on another person's life in a positive way. Truly great.